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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by UppercutTed, May 11, 2010.

  1. I smoked with some people I don't normally chill with the other day and they had a different phrase for the bowl being done. I usually say that it is cashed/torched when I am finished but they said the bowl was kicked. I decided (while high) that I am now going to say the bowl is "Falafelled" whenever I'm done.

    Does anyone else have different words for a bowl being done?:wave:
  2. Dead, Fried, Blacked-Out, Gone, Or Just "Pack Up Another"
  3. kocked out, burnt, cashed bout all i got
  4. i don't get why you'd say its "falafeled"

    falafels are food... that's like me saying.. "This bowl is steak and potatoed" it doesn't make much sense ;)
  5. That makes plenty of sense! As long as its being something-ed that's all that matters. Other than not being smoked (by you).
  6. haha no .. it makes no sense :)

    all the other slang words have something to do with there being nothing left in the bowl

    cashed - another word for withdrawing, removing (ie: "I was at the table for an hour but then I cashed out")
    dusted - the bowl is now dust, there's nothing left

    etc.. etc..
  7. #7 freakp8ntbaler, May 12, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 12, 2010
    its donzo

    who the fuck cares what he calls.
    and why does it have to make sense???
  8. To you it makes no sense, for you have a simple, simple mind my friend. Simple.
  9. ding-donged
  10. I usually say...."its the smokers descretion".....some people will hit the nasty gray ash and give me a good laugh!!!!!
  11. all the other slang words make sense to the action

    saying a bowl is "falafelled" is retarded. Falafel is food and has nothing to do with there being no weed left in a bowl.

    I'm not even trying to have an argument here, but from an English language standpoint... that makes no sense. Calling me simple minded because I have a grasp on the English language also makes no sense.
  12. This is true, and I'm usually the one you are laughing at.:D
  13. i usually say beat, as in you can't hit it anymore. Make sense?:)
  14. Thing bad a is corruption. Why not speak English backwards my friend? Why live life as a robot, being forced to speak a specific way?
  15. My friends and I usually say that the bowl is "killed". Not sure why. You can make it whatever you want, even if you sound like an idiot. So what, your high and having a good time. :cool:
  16. Kicked, dead, cashed, beat, it's all the same. Falafelled would probably get you some pretty funny looks though.
  17. Also, the thing you mentioned on the NEGATIVE REP you handed to me was that I was unintelligent because of the fact that I do not know how to speak English properly. This makes me laugh because you are probably one of those people who thinks your SAT scores were the only thing that mattered. You are fooled by society my friend, live the way you would like to live, and let others do the same.
  18. That's what I'm sayin brother.:cool::)
  19. So speaking in a way that everyone else can understand you is living as a robot?


    Who the hell is teaching kids in schools nowadays? Can they really be this dense?

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