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Faking sick and smoking up

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SkeevyStoner, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. Today was a really sweet day for me. 2 weeks ago i decide to buy 1/8. Cost me 50 bucks too. The first night i smoked it i was amazed. I smoked less than half of one nug (there were 10-15 in there) and i had never been that high. For the last 2 weeks I have smoked almost every day and I am really enjoying it. So last night I had a genius plan. I told my mom my stomach was upset and went to bed early. I set my alarm tho for 430 for my "plan." So my alarm goes off and i go downstairs to fill a cup of water. Lucky for me my mom is a light sleeper and my bathroom is right next to her room. So i slam the door and lock it so she will prolly wake up. I start making vomiting noises and I pour a lil water in the toilet (to sound like vomit) and do this for a while. Then I go out and go in her room and I say "do u have any rolaids" and she goes "were u throwing up?" and i said yes. i knew i was set. I got to stay home from school So she leaves for work, I fill up my bong and smoke half a nug. I just chilled all day and watched family guy DVDs. Man those are funny when ur high. So i smoked at 8 and it lasted till about 5. Yes. That is 9 hours. It was such a good day. I will prolly smoke again tonite. I cant wait till this summer when i go to college. its gonna be tight! Well anyways post any stories u have that are worth hearing. Later
  2. That's pretty slick. Lucky for me my mom always left for work before my bus came anyway, so I didn't have to go to all that trouble :)
  3. that is pretty slick, but if you're missing school to smoke weed, that's not a real good idea. Easy to get out of control.
  4. well,at least you had some fun while everyone was sitting in school, smoke on.

    Don't make a habit of it, it could get out of control.
  5. Lol, you're sneaky. But as others have said, don't sacrifice your education for a buzz. Moderation is the key my friend. :D
  6. Ha...
    When I want to skip, but don't want to get caught or run outta absences...
    I just photocopy an old excused absence form.

    We only get 9 unexcused absences before credit review, so since I make fake doctor's notes...
    I'll never exceed my limit. :D

    I just did it the other day.

    My friend, her b/f, and I toked it up... Plus her and I were drunk. :)

    And noooooo one ever has to know! Mwa hahahahaha! :D
  7. For the sake of sounding like an 80s Public Service Announcement:

    Skipping school isn't cool!

    Anyway, yeah... I'd have to back up what a bunch of other people have said. Don't make a habit of skipping to toke up.
  8. *Called in sick to work today*
    *Just toked the bong*
    *Puts on Family Guy*

  9. I'd been sitting at work reading the forums here and wishing I was at home with my pipe...

    ...when my boss walks up at 4pm and starts telling everyone to go home & have a nice weekend!

    Someone's looking out for me :D
  10. this one dude in my class is always high, and skips a LOT of skool. he comes like 3 days maximum per week. his marks are horrible. i keep saying he's gonna a janitor or something.
  11. I've skipped I think 3 days this year, total.

    My grades are all A's and B's...

    I've come to school stoned, and on yellow jackets before.

    I barfed when I was on the yellow jackets though... LOL. :)
  12. Yea I'm def not gonna make a habit out of that. It was just a one time thing. I make A's and B's and I think i prolly got stuff goin for me and I'm def not gonna mess it all up for a little fun. Thanks for the concern tho. Man what a great community this city is. I love it.

  13. He'll probably win the megamillions lotto and be set for life.
  14. I smoked pot all through highschool, constantly. I dropped out when I was 15 fuckin' years old, but I had a 3.85 GPA when I did. Fuck highschool, I got a GED and enrolled in Community College, then transfered to Cal State Fullerton, and maintained great grades while smoking non-stop.

  15. What do you do now?

  16. Thats what happened to me,now i don't have a lunch period becuase i have to make up state mandatory science labs.
  17. i did that about a month ago. mom left for work, i went in the crawl space and smoked a few bowls then watched comedy central all day. lol, good time
  18. thats super chill

    just keep your grades up

    college is the shit and a half

    i smoke out every day

    fuckin i have finals this week and i ran out of weed so that sux

    have a great day
  19. I used to do the same exact thing as you until i realized that just sitting around stoned i get bored. No sense of accomplishment you know? Instead now i'll do something(clean my room, do my homework, go to school) and then reward my self with a nice toke. But hell if it works for you then by all means have a good time :).

  20. I'm getting read to transfer to a Cal Poly University and get my B.A (Bachelor's in Architecture).

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