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Fake Weed Stash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jet Li, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Hey guys.
    These past couple weeks I've caught my mom going through my stuff and I know she's looking for pot. Im thinking of stashing something in my room in an easy to find place that looks like weed, incase she found it and confronts me about it. I want to be able to prove to her it's not weed and convince her not to go through my stuff. I respect her privacy and possessions but she doesn't with mine. Please, all ideas will help.
    Thanks everyone, and happy Thanksgiving.
  2. What's the point in proving what she finds isn't weed? So what?
  3. Yeah, if you're a culinary student you can stash some oregano in a baggie in your room, and when your mom finds it and confronts you, you can tell her you're making a lasagne.

    Otherwise you have to figure out some other reason to have some not-weed looking stuff in a bag in your room.

    It's a good idea through - let you mom catch the fake stash that has a legit explanation, and if she ever finds any real stuff she may think it's the legit stuff, and just move on.

    Though if your mom has ever smoked pot in the past, she'll be able to tell the difference and your grand deception with be worth precisely dick.

  4. Ahhh, see? Parents are indeed quite hypocritical. If you went through her stuff "out of concern", looking for crack, she'd probably rip your leg off and kick you in the face with it.
  5. seems like a kinda dumb idea to me, why try and increase their suspicion, i say hide ur stash better if your worried, if you think about it for a few minutes its ez to hide anything smaller than a 6"" bong
  6. there is no point in this plan whatsoever
  7. lol, when you start making the house payment, you can prolly pull the whole "i stay out of your business" line. Otherwise, either move out or stfu
  8. How about no?

    Just hide it in a better place that you know She'll never think of looking. The bedroom is the parents number 1 goto place. I used to stash my shit in THEIR room when I was younger, in a drawer full of my dad's old stuff that I knew neither of which ever went in.
  9. 1. Dig hole outside of house
    2. Store metal tin underground with drugs/oregano
    3. Bury
    4. ???
    5. WUT NOW MOM
  10. Go through her stuff. Maybe you'll find something that makes her uncomfortable :D

  11. If I'm catching your drift that would make both of them uncomfortable lol. OP it's her house her rules I know you may think it bullshit but it's not for you to question. Hide it better or deal with her going through your stuff. It's pretty simple you don't get privacy. She's responsible for what's in her house man.

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