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Fake stoners...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dancing Nancy, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. I work with this girl, she's 18 or 19, claims to be a stoner. She has the "Legalize It!" lanyard and all that. I've always suspected her to be a fake stoner. One time she made a comment to me that she was getting like a pound and I knew it was bullshit. Well, the other night she was like, "hey, I got a joint. Wanna smoke it with me after work?" I said, "well, hell yeah."

    This joint was the worst joint I've ever smoked. It was tiny. It looked kinda like Cheech's joint in Cheech in Chong. To beat it all she didn't roll it, and the dude that did roll it for her used 2 papers, so every time I took a hit all I could taste was burnt paper because of the lack of weed. She said thats all he could fit in the joint.

    I'm so tempted to roll a fat ass juicy jay and get her blazed out of her mind...

    .....then fuck her.

    Anyone else know some fake-ass stoners who act like they know know and smoke more than anybody, but in reality only smokes on occasion and doesn't really know shit?
  2. I know a fuckload of people like that but if you ask them anything about it they have no clue. Really grinds my gears.
  3. Shes a fake stoner because she cant roll a joint?
  4. Maybe she doesn't like getting extremely high?
  5. man you poor "legalize it" suckers
  6. Looks like we got a real stoner in here, boys!
  7. yeah dude, you should totally roll up a fat joint and fuck her. it works every time
  8. Lol i cant roll a joint to save my life.....

    i aint no fake stoner, i just prefer to, not roll hahahahahaha
  9. i kno some fake stoners but i dont understand how shes a fake stoner because she cant roll a j..?
  10. Sorry but in my book, if you only smoke a tiny ass shitty ass pin joint every once in a while that you can't even roll yourself...stop pretending be a stoner.

    This joint was so bad...we were sitting there debating on whether it actually had weed in it.
  11. this bitch i sit next to at school is always bragging about how many dimebags she and her friends smoked yesterday or what not lol. one time she was like 'ugh im still high from that waterbottle bong it was crazy'

    shes a dumb bitch.
  12. There was this girl I knew a few years back like my juinor year in highschool, she acted like she knew every fucking thing about it. She was your typical know it all, she'd just say how she always was high and all this shit, but she never even came to school high in the morning once. It was all fucking talk. I think she probably did smoke once in a blue moon, but she was doing it more just to fit in. I'd come in chopped all the time to that class, and she'd just talk talk and talk. I'd even invite her and she'd say she can't, she's getting a ride from her parents, she has to go in early, blah blah blah.

    She was pretty hot, so I didn't mind having her around to look at her tits and ass, but she was retarded. My advice, get her really high and fuck her before she's gone.

  13. So because you smoked 1 j with her that wasnt the best, you know how often she smokes.

    you should use your powers for more important things
  14. Looks like we have an elitist here.

  15. I've worked with her for 2+ years. She talks about smoking all the time. Always telling me about how much weed she has. She always comes in and pretends to be high.

  16. Ive worked with this old lady for many years, i found out she puffs tough a few months ago

    you dont know her, outside of work, so dont judge her

    Your being just as low as somone who says stoners are lazy fat dumbasses based on what they have seen happen to 1 person 1 time when they were tired as fuck and hungry lol
  17. LMAO, thats fucking awesome. typical fake stoner :hello:
  18. [ame=]smoking - YouTube[/ame]

  19. Well, no.

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