Fake roor bowl?

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    I just traded this kid i know my ashcatcher for this roor bowl piece. It looks real to me but i have no experience with roor.. let me know whatcha think.

  2. Looks legit

  3. is it a good trade for an ashcatcher like this one?
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    Yes it is. Those ashcatchers are worthless imo. Been thru a few, never again. Gong ftw.
  5. They sell ashcatchers like this at my local HS for $15-$25. I'd rather have an ashcatcher personally than a "brand name" bowl though
  6. id rather have the bowl as well. F those catchers theyre garbage.
  7. Im selling the bong tomorow for 70 bucks. Looking to downsize the collection a bit. However, i will be toking ALL DAY with this on friday so at least ill be able to rip it once(or twice, or thrice...) before we part ways.:bongin::bongin::bongin:

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