Fake resume on Best of Craigslist. Must Read.

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    This shit is too damn funny.  Check it out below or click here for the original posted on Craigslist
  2. Hahahahahahahahahaa! Fucking epic resume
  3. He wants to weaponize the blow job machine!
  4. Epic.

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  5. I lost it at "my brother is the Eiffel Tower".

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  6. Now I'm going to think of Clint Eastwood every time I use my blowjob machine.
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    We are a rapidly expanding B-J company looking for outgoing energetic team leaders to canvas new areas.
    We require drug testing, background check, vocational training, on call 24/7, luxurious wardrobe, own tools and late model truck or van with proof of insurance and clean driving record (0 points).
    Position is PT up to 20 hrs per week.
    Compensation: Commission. No benefits.
    Email personal information for details.
    Fortune 500 company
  8. FUCKING HILARIOUS. I cried when I read "I reverse engineered a door, I now know how it works"

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  9. I need people like you on my team up in here ill be in touch

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  10. Hahahaha! This made me laugh so hard i almost cried :laughing:
  11. Boo! too over the top.  Subtle comedy would work a lot better on a fake resume
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    "Atlantis was around til 1988, but sunk when I shot out of my mom's vagina like a silver bullet into a wolverine." 

    I.. can't stop laughing.
  13. Hahahahaha! I want to be this guys friend!
  14. That is hilarious!
  15. Lost it at inventing the moon xD

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