Fake or legit RooR?

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  1. so i saw this on craigslist for $150, and e-mailed the dude immediately. i'm supposed to be buying it this week, but i've been reading about a lot of fake roor's being sold. here are the pics & description shown in the article.

    "I have a brand new, never used ROOR style water pipe and ashcatcher. This is made from the ROOR design but does not come from Germany. The pipe is made very well and it works VERY WELL! I have one of my own that I use at home that I will not sell. The pipe for sale is exactly as you see it in the pics below. I will drive to your location and show you everything before you decide to purchase.

    You will get;
    ** a 24" black ROOR label, 5mm glass water pipe, with a 4-tree percolator, and an ice pincher
    ** a black ROOR label ashcatcher
    ** a small and a medium bowl
    ** three white label ROOR slide stems"

    it looks pretty legit to me, but i'm fairly clueless on how to tell if it's legit or not. any insight, gc?

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  2. He is saying in his post that it is a made from a ROOR design but not an actual ROOR becauese it's not from Germany.
  3. that could very well be because US roors have percs right? haha, correct me if im wrong please. I couldnt say if it was fake or not.
  4. no idea but he does say its a RooR design only and it dosn't come from germany
  5. I can't tell for sure on this shitty laptop screen but it looks like a legit .us Roor perc from what I can see.

    I don't know what you folks are talking about with this "if it's not from Germany it's not actually a RooR" - I really wish people wouldn't post about things that they clearly have no earthly idea about whatsoever.

    no question about it.

  7. Curious as to how you could definitively say that's fake based on those tiny photos and such little information. Even the box looks like standard .us roor packaging.
  8. Its not LEGIT. You guys missed a HUGE detail. There is NO SPLASH GUARD! RooR always has them on the perc tubes.

    Save yourself some time and forget about this one. Good luck finding one!!
  9. Looks really nice. Might be legit, might not...hard to tell.

    But it's definitely a perc'd beaker bottom with a matching A/C, bowls, and multiple downstems for 150.

    Seems like a solid buy.
  10. he pretty much tells you its not legit.

    idk if its cuz im high as fuck or if its a shitty camera but something looks 'off' about that roor.
  11. Its not even a legit US Roor, because they dont make tubes with a huge label and the perc ALL the way at the bottom. Its pretty difficult to even find perc'd Roor's.

    Its not a bad deal, but again, keep in mind that its really just a (maybe..) half decent perc bong with a big roor sticker. You could get better with that much.
  12. Fake..
    he even stated it..
  13. It's fake. The tree is obviously a China made tree and the Logo is over sized for that tube.
  14. Looks pretty fake to me, if that even is the bong. A lot of people on craigslist post pics of the internet instead of taking the time to take a good pic, especially something like this. Just ask if you can see i first before you buy it and get another legit pic.
  15. thanks for all the input. i've been doing some research on how to spend my $150 in a better way, and i'm thinking some sort of EHLE with an ice catcher should work nicely. :bongin:
  16. honestly, i wouldn't even care if it was a LEGIT RooR.. it's still a pretty damn good deal. 2 foot tube for $150 plus all that shit. id buy it even if it was as no name and apparently if you guys can't even tell if its real or not then no one else would either.
  17. yeah id get an ehle if your ordering. if not hit up a local shop. they have some decent stuff for 150. or save another 50 and get a sick bong.
  18. who would sell a real 2 foot roor perc with an ac for 150??
  19. I'd say $150 for all that is a good deal whether its a legit RooR or not

  20. i agree, especially since he said he would drive to the location and let you check it out first (or just murder you....:eek:)

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