Fake Illadelph?

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  1. Picked up this illadelph from a friend of a friend for $180. The friend stated he picked it up from Goodfellas in San Francisco, which is an authorized retailer. I am questioning the authenticity of this tube. The glass feels very thick and heavy, like other 7mm tubes. The logos feel very high quality and the joint is pretty clean. However, there are a few signs that lead me to believe it is fake. I would appreciate input from people who have experience with illadelph. There is one ice notch that is slightly smaller than the other 2 notches. Also, the label is slightly off center. It is aligned with the bottom of the logo, as opposed to the middle of the logo. Has anyone seen imperfections like this?

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  2. I'm pretty sure its fake.
  3. If you got the box it came in there should be a bar code scanner that will tell you the authorized dealer it came from once you scan it but it looks pretty close to mine to be honest and mine is legit
  4. Looks really like a fake, the Illadelp logo is always way thicker and more consistent and pricely centered ob the piece, Illadelp is very expensive, but because of that they are anal with the the details on their pieces, this seems likes a bad copy, 7mm is not a standard to measure it to whether it is fake or not.
  5. Hmmm, personally, I'm finding this one hard..comparing the logo with a current camo logo does show vast differences, but its done by hand, so if this is an old model that could explain the subtleties between them...
    All the angles and edges look spot on though...really hard to confirm - without holding it at least..
  6. Definitely fake. Hope he's not a good friend. I'd bet he bought it thinking it's legit and then found out otherwise and is trying to pawn it off on you. That said, I bet it smokes good and would make a decent piece. Not a $180 piece, maybe a $50 piece.
  7. Heard back from Luca Falso, the president of Illadelph. He confirms that it is an authentic illadelph piece. Thanks guys.
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