**Fake carts in CA** post your story, metro area, and pics**

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    We all know fake carts in both legal and illegal markets are a problem.

    If you pay legal prices, I think it is reasonable to expect legal Cannabis. You can read about my experience on Yelp. I posted the review to Weedmaps too, but it "disappeared," along with several other negative reviews. NOW I KNOW THAT COMPANIES CAN CONTROL WEEDMAPS REVIEWS (to a certain extent), we need other forums for honest information.

    Protect your health (god knows whats in the fake crap) and your pocketbook. Fight back and share your info here.

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  2. Are you saying that you purchased a fake cart from a licensed dispensary?
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  3. You came here to slate some website that scammed you lol what's the point?

    Most people are clever enough not to try buying weed online.. what did you expect?? Just grow your own or find a legit plug it isn't hard.
  4. Pretty sure OP got scammed online so now they're here to "warn" us even though everyone knows if you buy weed online you'll probably get scammed lmaooo
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    I hear ya. I had a specific reason to buy what I thought was a legal cart, but what a pain in the ass.
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    I bought a cart from a delivery service that claims to be liscenced. I had no reason to expect otherwise in CA. Turns out their liscence number is not verifiable. For comparison, I bought a Kingpen cart for a liscenced dispensary to compare the products.

    No one is tryinhg to buy weed online. With so many delivery services in CA, the reviews and menus online is how we gague reliability. If you don't think it's a problem then move along.
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    No. One of my replies explains,
  8. Have you tried reporting them? If CA doesn't have an agency monitoring and enforcing dispensary compliance, then the whole system is doomed. Here in Oregon, I have never bought a fake cart in four years of buying.
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  9. We have a service here where dudes will delivery you shatter once you sign up for their delivery service. Part of their service is to get a picture of your drivers license, in case you end up robbing them or something, which is completely ridiculous considering shatter is still illegal in Canada.
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  10. Fake carts are not just mail order. As the man said, find a good plug, Lord know I can't but you may have better luck than I.
  11. Thanks everyone. Sorry I went MIA there- things were A bit crazy. I got my money back and found a liscensed service to work with...
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  12. I’m interested to hear how you went about getting your refund? what WeedMaps and/or the elivery service had to say after the fact?

    glad you ended up taking care of it! and thanks for coming back to your thread ;)
  13. I'm getting worried now lol. I bought three Kingpen oil carts. So far the black tube that holds the cart inside...doesn't have a sticker on it. But the packaging outside looks legit and just like your picture of the authentic.

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  14. Real or fake?[​IMG][​IMG]

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