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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Boosh, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. So I went to my girls work today to pick her up, I go in and get her. On the way out to my car, these cats in a little ford taurus drive by, 3 17-18 year old wigger kids. They drive by with the windows down, and for some reason they start talking shit as theyre going by, talking to my girlfriend like shit, down talking me and sprayin bullshit. So these dumbasses go park in the same parking lot. She goes to my car, and I go over to where theyre parked. They hadnt gotten out of the car yet, so I walk up to it, and punch their roof a few times.

    The Kid in the backseat almost jumped through the roof! So I start talkin shit back to em, tellin em to get out of the car and back the bullshit up. The kid on the driverside steps out of the car, and the other two stay in.

    Kid gets in my yelling at me, spittin in my face a little bit, so I backhand his bitch ass. By now my girlfriend has gotten out of my car and come closer to see what the holdup is. past the kid thats outside the car, I see the other kid in the passenger seat fiddling with something under the seat. At that point, I was pretty sure they had a gun, so I lifted up my shirt and flashed my peice(illegal unregistered :( ).

    Ive never seen anyone act so fuckin hard, then turn to jello so damn fast. Im surprised the kid didnt fall on his knees and curl up into a ball.

    I dont know why I posted this story, I guess because it pisses me off that people try to talk shit, but they cant back it up. WHY WHY WHY cause problems in the first place if you arent willing to deal with the consequences?

    Punk bitch is lucky I didnt put one in his face, Hell hes lucky Im a level headed person.
  2. first would you define ''wigger'' for me????

    and 2'nd,,, if where you live is so bad you got to carry your piece just to pick up your girlfriend from work....

    damn dude you need to move.... come on to fla. you can carry that piece legally here.....woops i see your in fla.... sorry ,,, 386 here,,, central fla.
  3. why didnt you go home and grab the AK mang :cool: thats how I roll son..glock glock

  4. I would have dropped my pants and flashed my balls :ey:
  5. lol since you called them wiggers i take it they were white boys tryna act black? not many white kids pack heat...that fool was probably looking for anything under the seat to throw or some shit. you should have just pistol whipped the white boy who was in your face and put him in his place.

    i don't know about florida but out here in Cali unregistered/stolen straps get you 10 yrs mendatory. Oh well i still have me a few throw aways.
  6. Nice man, showin them bitches whos boss.
  7. isnt it like 10 years each bullet after that :eek:, my homie carrys heat on him, with what he claims are hollow tips? 10 years is just too long for me, id rather get shot :(
  8. Thats absoluley ridiculous, fuck those kids!! Good job, they seemed to really need a reality check.
  9. Get a badass little shiv for that shit. A nice flicker, with a straight angled point at the end. Gets the message across, and you cant get in trouble for carrying it.
  10. your a clown carrying a gun
  11. why is it people have to carry/use weapons to fight u aren't tough if u have a gun only a coward hides behind a weapon,i mean it's good u scared them but, imagine if he did pull a gun you shoot, he shoots, bye bye your gone, either dead or in prison, its a sad, sad world what happened to the good old days when people put up their fists and handled shit like men.
  12. lol funny
  13. in anacostia D.C the only white people I see are the white folks goin to da ice rink for hockey

    or tourists that took the wrong exit.

  14. and your the 4'11 kid who gets beat up very often and gets your bud jacked then posts a thread about it....
  15. a man fights with his fists, but i guess if u really thought those white boyz had a gun then i understand...
  16. + fucking rep I hate people like that, you gave them what they deserved
  17. yo u from dc? me too gotta show the 202 love
  18. You didnt read shit did you? Cat was reachin' under the seat for something. I didnt even pull it, I just lifted my shirt and showed em I was packin'. I aint "tryin'" to go to jail, but Im not gonna get caught slippin man.
  19. i'd definitely rather get shot/get my ass beat by wiggers than go to prison for 10 years of my life for having a gun.

    no offense or anything to you though man.
  20. Cause you know you're going to love paying the medical bill and have a risk of death. Yeah... I'd rather go to jail with the way it is now-a days.

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