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  1. I really don't like this word. To me it means a blind beleif in somthing with no evidence apart from the fact other people have "faith" also. And can lead to a very closed mind. What's your meaning of this word? And do you think faith is a good thing?
  2. Faith, for me, is not a good thing. It would close my mind up to many ideas I can now (since I am now an Atheist) have the freedom of thinking.

    I totally understand people who have faith, though. Faith can help people out in their lives. Personally, believing a surnatural force will help me throught life is really not motivating. For some people it is. And it is the difference between wanting to live, having a purpose in life and being completely desperate and having no faith in life.

    Basically, if Faith helps you out, then it is a good thing. If it doesn't, then, like I do, just forget about that word. ;)

    I would certainly develop this idea in a more complete way, but English isn't my main langage and that keeps me from being able to deliver a more exhaustive description of my thoughts regarding Faith.

  3. It can be. I understand where you're coming from with the mindlessness and what not, but faith can be a spark to action. I guess the best way to understand it would be this:

    Think of a man who sits around on his ass all day and does nothing, because he over rationalizes everything. This man is worthless. It's almost as if he doesn't exist, because he does nothing. Sometimes, to take actions, we need an intense spark, a great passion and that can arise out of faith.

    I don't know if that made any sense, but if you're truly interested, try reading "Fear and Trembling" by Soren Kierkegaard. He gives a very interesting explanation as to why faith can be a good thing.
  4. Faith is to choose good over evil when there is no logical reason to do so.
  5. -----
    Faith; not wanting to know what is true.
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    He is right about that for some people. Faith is also for people that do not know the truth, but want to. You have to have faith and believe in the actual truth, the truth that makes sense; the truth you can check yourself in the real world, in the present. You have to have faith in the truth to seek the truth.

    What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not a goal.
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    The bridge: When you have faith in the truth and life you do not need it long, because you will know it soon by sincerely seeking it. Faith is not supposed to be a permanent way of life. Faith is just a bridge to the truth and real life.

    I don’t have to have faith, I have experience. Joseph Campbell

    Once you know the truth and the life, you no longer need faith, because you have what you had faith in. You are where you want to be and you always will be.

    Faith in the truth is necessary to get you through any trials and tribulations you may have to get past when making the transition into a spiritual being. In other words, those that believe in the truth and life and seek it will find the truth and life. Some people’s minds will be too strong for them to get complete control before they die, so faith in the real thing and not a myth is essential to have right now.

    Hope/belief: Believing and hoping something is true or going to be true does not make it true if you do not start with the real truth. It is the truth or it is not. There is no way to make something that is not true, true.

    Hope is a waking dream. Aristotle

    Faith in faith: In and of itself, belief, faith, hope, wishing, good luck charms, holy relics, symbols, positive thinking, good intentions, praying, curses, voodoo, magic spells, etc., do not do anything except make people feel like they have some control over life. They are just copping strategies.

    Page 13-14 of The Present at Truth Contest
  6. From another thread:

  7. Those with faith can push mountains, those without faith must first see the mountain pushed.

  8. I like the word. If you have faith in something, it also means that you have doubts; otherwise you'd be certain of it.

    I'm an atheist, so I doubt that God exist which has to mean that I also believe he does?

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