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Faint Line on Home Drug Test. Will I pass lab test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by uscsmoker420, Dec 23, 2012.

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    Hi everybody, first off I want to wish everybody a happy holidays.

    -Pre employment test on Wednesday for a very important job.
    -Last time I smoked was last saturday (8 days). I smoked 1 week before that (15 days). Before that, it had been 2 more weeks (29 days).
    -I am 6' 170 with only 9% body fat.
    -Completed 1 hr cardio workouts for 6 of the last 8 days
    -Started taking 2000mg Niacin and 8 cranberry extract pills everyday starting Friday (2 days ago).
    -Took home test today and the line is visible, but very very faint. Results are posted below.
    -Test on Wednesday is a lab test. Cutoff level is unknown.

    Few questions I have:
    1. Is this faint line passing or failing?
    2. Should I keep working out or stop and eat fatty foods?
    3. When should I keep taking Niacin? I have read if they detect too much Niacin and fail you. Btw, I know its not healthy, so dont tell me to stop for health reasons. I would give my liver for this job.
    4. Other than diluting on day of, what else can I do to cleanse the THC out of my body?
    5. Could it be working out the last 4 days making me "fail" today, and by Wednesday if I'm lazy and eat fried food and cheeseburgers Ill be fine?
    6. What is the average cutoff level for pre-employment lab screening?

    Thanks in advance for any valuable information given. I know that's a lot of questions, but this job is extremely important to me and I will lose close to 10k and disappoint a lot of people if I fail. Also, please do not tell me to search the forum, bc I already have and cant find all the answers I need. I have done plenty of research and obviously am still unsure, but the main reason for posting is to find out whether such a faint line is passing or failing?

  2. You should probably call up the lab and see the trace amounts of thc they allow. Compare with home test. Also why not have that same lab test you right now, No harm in going through a dry run under ideal conditions.

    If you cannot pass a home test there is no way to pass the lab test.... Worst case scenario just use a clean friends piss.
  3. Already tried. Labs do not give out info on cutoff levels. I'd rather not have to use friends piss, but might come down to that :/
  4. whats the allowable amount of an illegal substance?
  5. On this test, 50 ng/ML. Lab test is unknown but probably the same.
  6. The line is a pass. Even with a very faint line, it's a pass. You passed.

    However, the cutoff levels vary between tests. Home drug tests have a cut off level of say 50-100 ng/ml and lab tests can have a screen so low as .2-.5 ng/ml. So you need to keep doing what your doing to stay safe, you should be fine though with your diet and activity.

    I was on probation and did a lot of research on drug tests so I hope it helps. Good luck
  7. Any line is a line. You should be good.

    The only thing you have to worry about if you used a cheap test is if you might have gotten a false negative.

    Lab tests are typically 50 ng/ml, so you should be ok.
  8. Buddy Need you help !!! 
    I am going thru the exact same issues as you. I pass 2 home drug test with a faint line first piss of the day. 
    I have really low body fat, I work out every day and from the past days I am doing a lot of cardio. 
    The day before my test I ran a lot, drink a lot of water and my piss was very diluted. 
  9. This thread is almost a year old and the OP last posted Dec 28 2012...don't think he'll be around to help answer your question....

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