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Failing drug test USMC

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bajablastfreeze, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. So I ate a pot brownie on leave do to depression and other things that led up to that point on Friday night. Monday morning I admitted it to the chain of command and got a urinalysis. What's going to be the most likely outcome that I would get. If anyone knew anyone who went through this process it would help ease my mind. Thanks.

    For all the hate comment incoming about all the stupid stuff. I realize I'm not marine material so it's all good.
  2. Likely dishonorable discharge (so, no, it's not "all good"), which will follow you for the remainder of your life - including basic jobs like at McDonald's
  3. Why after all you posted did you go with that route?

    Would've thought you'd try the mental health route at least. Oh well, good luck.

    Not sure why you would even post about it. Google will give you what will "likely" happen, but NO ONE can say what WILL HAPPEN. Prepare for the worst. Maybe there'll be a silver lining somewhere.
  4. What if you don't come up positive?

  5. I did try the mental health route
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  6. Idk, but I did admit to it so they could still possibly hit me on admittance
  7. I'm surprised that didn't work out...did they just feel like you were bullshitting or something?
  8. All they did was ask me simple questions like do you want to hurt yourself or others, how long has it been, why. It went on for like 10 mins she said she would talk to her officer. Came back and told me nothing could be done and there were classes I could take. I told her I only wanted to go home that's the only way I can become myself again. I even told them my changes in diet, physical health...
  9. This happened to a friend of mine in the core in the late 80s. He was in school in AZ and a medic told him there was a test coming the next week. He figured he would get ahead of it and turn himself in. They gave hm a dishonorable and really dragged their feet processing him out. After several months of never ending lost paperwork and cq duty he wrote his congressman and rep from his home state. He explained what had happened and that he really just wanted to put it behind him and move on. He was home within a week of the letter going out.

    He was told that he could petition to get it upgraded to an other than honorable, but never did. He already had an honorable from the army and still had- has access to va.
  10. Hearing about dishonorbale discharges from drug pops is pretty rare. I've only ever heard of getting dishonorable when you pop before a deployment or something. Thanks for your input
  11. Ok, so I went through basically the same thing in the Air Force. I was already going to mental health before I tested dirty; the military depressed the shit out of me. That may have helped me because after a lot of paperwork and being sent back to E-1 for a few months, I was discharged with an "under other than honorable conditions".
    Just don't fail another test or fuck up anyway else during the process if you do get hit with a discharge. They may just make you take a drug and alcohol class depending on if they want to lose any troops.
    Anyway, good luck man, I hope you can peacefully get out of the corps and live a happier life.
  12. Were you placed on any restriction or anything?
  13. Sorry for late reply! I was sent to work at the base gym, separate from my entire unit. But other than that, I wasnt confined to the base at all.

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