Failing a drug test.

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  1. So I smoked on Saturday, and got a drug test yesterday.

    I know for a fact that I will fail the test, but can I tell them that I appeal to failng the test and say I have friends that smoke weed.

    My brothers told me I'm allowed to appeal.
    I don't exacty know my rights.

    I need some help!
  2. First, who is testing you? and do you know what type of test it is?
  3. Damn these people who smoke knowing they have drug tests.. I assume you knew..
  4. You're pretty well fucked. If they didn't already send it to a lab, they will if you appeal it, just making you have to pay whoever is testing you more money. Just admit to it, you fucked up, and next time use your brain.
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    I got tested at some clinic, had to piss in a fucking cup.

    And I did not know that I was going to be tested, this was brand new.

    **EDIT** I found out reading through the job's requirements and stuff that I'm allowed to Appeal for 30 days and/or add an extension for an extra 20 days.

    So if they say I failed the test, I'm going to appeal so they can re-test me again after the 20 days or 30 days. :D
  6. So this was for a job?
  7. dude you need to give more information were all trying to figure out what you failed for.. job, probation, etc??
  8. This is for a job, my bad guys.......

    Yeah If I get the job I'll be a student aide at a school.
  9. im sure just the action of apealing will get them a little worried about your credibility and if they want to hire you, not to mention you failed the test.
  10. If this was for a job, you knew that you were going to be tested... provding you read the paperwork/application you filled out. They are required by law to ask if you consent to Pre-Employment Drug testing. By signing it, you consented.
  11. You're not getting the job.

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