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Failing a Drug Test for THC in the Army

Discussion in 'General' started by Something New, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Anybody know what will happen if you fail a drug test for THC while in the army?

    I'm just curious, ive been in the army for like 6 months or so and ive been tested a few times so far, never had anything come up, im just wondering if any blades out there now what would happen if i did come up positive.
  2. dishonorable discharge most likely.
  3. I know for a fact that if you test positive for THC or any drugs in any military branch you are kicked out and then banned from ever enlisting in any service again for the rest of your life. Whether you test positive on a random test or at MEPS.

  4. get to blaze and get kicked out of the army at the same time? Sounds good to me.
  5. ^^ what branch were you kicked out of?
  6. I was never kicked out lol, I'm just curious what would happen if i got caught smoking weed.

    Some people say that you get a general discharge, which isnt that bad, and some say you just go to drug rehab for a month and some say you get a dishonorable discharge, I'm just trying to get to the bottom of this lol.

    Cause i mean seriously a general discharge you still get federal benifiets and shit...that isnt that bad.....
  7. Dude listen to me. My friend was caught positive and you get a dishonorable discharge and you can never enlist in any service ever again.

  8. this happens
  9. Positive for THC or some "harder" shit like cocaine or meth?
  10. hahaha fuck man i hope not...that girl looks really hot though...
  11. I was in the Army 5 years and only heard of one person getting a dishonorable discharge (plus 15 years in prison), and it was for rape. I admit it's totally possible that more DD's were handed out. Just sayin I can't confirm it.

    I've seen lots of people get popped on the piss test and I think they all got Bad Conduct Discharges (one notch better than DD). When you get busted it all depends on the unit commander(s) as to what punishment you receive. Some units have zero tolerance policies, some don't. In any case, I've been out a few years now and for all I know policies for the entire Army have changed. But since they're always looking for recruits I would doubt that the entire Army has adopted a policy of "piss hot and you're out."
  12. Just to clarify: I'm not looking for an easy way out, I'm just tired of not smoking, exploring my options weighing in the plus's and the minus's.

    Thankx for the above post.
  13. My buddy smoked and went back and passed, his boy smoked twice as much went back and failed..

    you get stripped of your rank work double, and without pay...
  14. That fucking blows.
  15. You do a dishonerable discharge is worse than a felony, right?

    Still sound good?

  16. lol confused the fuck out of me until I added that for ya :laughing:
  17. Well its just that alot of other people are saying is that they wouldnt court martial you, they would just OTH (other than honorable) discharge you, which means you do loose all your military benifits, but its not as bad as a DD (Dishonorable Discharge).
  18. Man, I accidentally that whole post, didnt I?

  19. It all depends on your chain of command for what punishment you receive. If you did get discharged, it doesn't matter if you get an OTH, General, or whatever, your 214 will say you were discharged for failing a piss test
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