Failed urine test by touching cannabis

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by FailedBoi, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Again, many of us have taken drug tests and not just shitty walmart ones. Nobody feels bad for you because youre being a total dick about it. Enjoy med school... oh wait:lmafoe:
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  2. Why would your job notify the police? It's not a crime to use cannabis
  3. National law in my country requires 6x clean urine samples delivered in a hospital, sent to the police if you have a drivers license and has been stopped carrying cannabis (Not in the vehicle but on foot is enough). I was busted in 2013 with 1 gram of pot. I never drove high or drunk or with anything in my car. The laws are harassment and pure power abuse
  4. Which country is this?
  5. I read in high times that liars and fucking idiots fail drug test by thinking of the word marijuanas. True story! Read it!!! Read it in high times nao!!!
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  6. THC is basically stored in your fat. If your a fatter individual, the THC can be stored in your fat indefinitely.

    Aside from the facts, the context of your story sounds like bullshit.. You touched weed, but it wasn't smoked around you and you did not smoke any yourself? I don't know about that.

    At any rate, I know of several people who went sober for 9 months and STILL failed a test because they had a lot of fat content, burned the fat that was THC rich and thus had THC in their piss when they went to test.

    Unfortunately, we have some super intelligent individuals in our society that hear "Don't smoke for a month and pass!" and actually believe it, without doing any research of their own on the subject, then fail and blame everyone but themselves.
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  7. Failureboy, one thing thats dumber than "incompetent, uneducated, moronic potheads" is going to school for years and years and fail your drug test. For future reference, i DO want fries with that.
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  9. All bullshit aside. People smoke a little and don't have enough in their system to fail. Maybe somebody gave you an edible? There is tons of flawed research... not saying this is. I'm sure minimal amounts do transfer through, but enough to be picked up on by a drug test... I am leaning towards no.
    How long did it take scientist to figure out superthrive works...
    elaborate on how much you were handling. I'm assuming it was flower as well.
    I read it!!!!!!!
    I am skeptical since it is such a handled product. It would be a bigger issue for more people. Maybe I'm wrong but I passed a hair test while my urine samples were showing astronomical amounts...
    mistakes are made. You read on a forum that it was okay to handle mj for a drug test before handling it and then didn't smoke and failed the test. So you make an account to talk shit... boo this man.
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  10. I know we are being hard on you man, but jokes and busting your chops aside, you didn't fail because you handled ganja. You just didn't. It had to be because of something else. You have to metabolize the THC in the ganja to fail that test. Having some small insignifigant amount soaking through your hands and into your blood stream is just not going to happen.

    If we were to pretend it wasn't from handling ganja, as in make believe you didn't touch any ganja, what else might have happened? It could be a false positive and if I were you I would go get an inexpensive urine test from the store to see what's what. It's the only way to know for sure. My intuition tells me you have smoked, ingested, imbibed or otherwise used marijuana in some way.

    It could also be that enough time hasn't gone by. For me thirty days is the golden number. For others it can be longer, far longer depending on body fat and metabolism. For the record I had a good time cracking wise at your expense. Don't take it so hard :metal:
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  11. I once got a girl pregnant by looking at her from across the room.
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  12. v9Mlqw.gif
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  13. I failed yesterday for a job interview in alberta... i was microdosing a g every couple hrs before i quit.... we get pretty dank chron here and i handle alot(lots of kush weed, green crack, gcg, uk cheeze, lemon haze and idk all sorts of ill shit)... i havent smoked in a month today(swear on my grandmas grave).... pissed last wednesday failed with twice what i was screened for(waaaay more than 2nd hand).... job that i applied for was lookin to pay me 25.90 to start and i fucked it up in a flash, just like that.... the only other thing i could maybe think is that i handled some and made a sandwich or something right after and ate it, took 4 days to get a response back.... i love weed and i frel its ridiculous they screen for it but hey its what they gotta do.... i can retest again but not till april so gonna stay clean till then, im a different person outside of reefer and definately more on edge than i was when smoking so going for 3 months clean from smoking(still gonna handle what i was just wearing gloves from now and on maybe even a dust mask) i really fucked myself outta good cash for the first quarter if this year all cause of whatever amout they were testing for i think it was 15 nanograms ppm and i had 33 nanograms ppm.... dont get me wrong i wish i could smoke my brains out and felt like doing so but im gonna stay clean and positive i wont smoke until i know for sure i wont fail
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  14. i was microdosing a g every couple hrs before i quit.... we get pretty dank chron here and i handle alot(lots of kush weed, green crack, gcg, uk cheeze, lemon haze and idk all sorts of ill shit)... i havent smoked in a month today

    Pretty good odds it was still from the smoking.

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  15. Smoking a gram of weed every other day isn't microdosing. It's smoking weed.
    Microdosing is still smoking weed.
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  16. You got busted for a gram. A fucking gram. Thats the main concern here. Its how your society is treating you for a gram of marijuana. Get to a legal state and you will not have that problem.
  17. If you were smoking that heavily you probably just didn't have it out of your system yet it can take longer than 1 month if you are a heavy user.
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  18. Will administering a nug like a suppository get me where I want to go or should I go with the whole brick?
  19. Bro I think its impossible to fail a urine test by touching a bud, unless you take that same finger and rub it in your dick hole or something lmao wtf
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  20. It can take longer than a month. Most test here in USA test for 50 ng/ml cops /government have a 25 ng/ml threshold. I lit up on home test after 3-1/2 weeks clean. That was for 50 ng/ml.

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