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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Oblivious88, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. Hi guys, is there anyone out there can help me? I’ve got an indoor setup DWC system. I’m at the last stage of blooming. I’ve got buds everywhere but I’m unsure if it’s ok for week 3 of flowering stage

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  2. IMO your Nodes are a little far apart, i dont see all of your colas stacking up but your still early on. The last few weeks are when they pack their wait on typically, be paitent my friend youll slowly notice them increase in size every day in a few weeks. What strain is it?

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  3. Thanks for that I put unimaginable effort into these suckers both physically and financially lol. The one with nodes far apart are MONEY MAKER and the others are GREEN CRACK
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  4. It looks as though you have a ScrOG net in there.....why didn't you use it?
  5. I am, the weight is leaning against the net. But it’s my first time growing so I was reluctant to bend the branches when they were young. Next time I’ll spread them out
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  6. you will get the hang of it. my first grow didnt look half as good as yours. heres my scrog setup and buds after 2 1/2 weeks of 12/12. one holy grail kush and one grandaddy purple in a 4x2 area.

    66899440-556C-4515-95F1-835EF0E06BE9.jpeg B67D4DDE-0F82-487E-A141-D3495D610F13.jpeg E994F693-3298-4F2B-BE54-2B182586784E.jpeg
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  7. Dude I'm only on my first grow and they look awesome!
    As said above, hang tight, keep doing what you're doing, keep everything dialled in, I think your issue is patience which is my same issue Hahahaha I just want to know/play/train/harvest asap, when really the joy is in sitting back and observing

    I hope mine look that good just before flower!

    Good luck bro

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  8. That's not what a scrog is. A scrog net is used to make the plant grow horizontally. They typically have much smaller holes and are stung tight between a solid frame of some sorts. What you have is a trellis net used for support. 2 totally different things. I scrog
  9. i think it was supposed to be a scrog but was placed too low too early and without any training. but you're right.
  10. The net can be placed in as early as you want. I dont do any training until my plants hit the net.
  11. me too. 3 weeks into 12/12 today

    E033CB23-5536-49CB-A234-DBC771AF2E48.jpeg 46CEBF1B-CAA5-46E9-9D21-970E91F37840.jpeg E8951030-673C-4BE1-94E7-9F37701B1E58.jpeg BB8F4C78-A270-4307-86E2-76CD8AB33686.jpeg

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