Failed my driving test.

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  1. Hey guys, I don't know If I'm in the right section, And i apologize if I'm not.
    I did my driving test today for a car, Started really badly & got into panic mode, My anxiety kicked in and i ended up messing everything up for myself.
    The examiner wasn't even that bad, he knew i was anxious & was panicking but he just told me to carry on & not give up.

    I made some serious mistakes, Switched lanes on a crossing, hit the back of the car whilst doing a three point, Car stolled as i was getting ready to cross the roundabout & started in second gear.

    I think all this anxiety kicked in as i took a ritalin(as i suffer with ADHD). I know discussion of other medications isn't allowed here & I'm not asking for a discussion about it, I just thought I'd mention it as it made me more anxious & paranoid more than anything.

    I'm feeling like actual crap as I made plans for the weekend as it's my anniversary i wanted to to on a road trip with my girl but i messed everything up. Small things like this really do pull me down & make me over think, I know i can re-sit but it's just the fact of failure, It down grades me. As my family didn't expect me to fail, I'm a good driver, It's just the situation brought me down and negativity kicked in. I made mistakes i didn't even make in my recent driving lessons, so it just kinda puts me down. Sorry if this is long, but It's just what's on my mind.

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  2. Yeah...I mean I failed mine do learn the lessons you need to...though at varying degrees of expense depending on how many times you need to take the test.

    Ritalin eh?
    I don't think discussion of legally prescribed medication is banned...but hey, sorry if it is...I myself have nothing but negative things to say about it.
    I was one of the 80's kids branded with A.D.D (it was missing that H back then) or "hyperactivity" in the 90's.
    Truth is? While I wasn't the best kid in high school, had a few issues where it seemed I wasn't comfortable with authority figures at school who couldn't appropriately answer my questions or explain their motivations...they don't tend to like this...I was intelligent (dunno about now...) back then, when someone engaged me in a way that I found interesting, my attention was all theirs. I have respect where given. I didn't vandalise things, bully people, get in fights, start fires, or any of the other stuff the "bad" kids do...but kind of got thrown into the group, and even called a ringleader at times...even though most kids aside from the loners (which i fit into) actually hated me, including those that I was accused of colluding with.
    Of course, I had the kind of single parent that never should have had kids...the type that liked to remind you and your sibling every time they were having a breakdown that "I ruined my life to have you two" type actual mental person, very narcissistic and cold mentally ill naturally she gravitated to that shit I've seen so many parents do - Send their kid into therapy (though I think for the better part I was gaslit) for their own problems and have such things as Ritalin and what was the other one...dexamphetamine? prescribed like candy, as so many people did in the 90's to basically sedate their children into compliance.
    Every one has different effects from these things. I remember just feeling like I was floating through life, didn't even feel much like a person, didn't talk to or engage anyone (which to this day I'm still a bit person anyway) and that's the times I can actually remember...which isn't many...see this shit just about wiped away two years of my life. suggestion is...if you're not off that shit already, GET off that shit already.
    The ill effects you mention do not surprise me at all.

    Ok, back to the other thing.
    Don't worry about it. People fail these things all the time. After my two fails, I consider myself one of the best and most careful drivers out there...I've got a perfectly clean traffic record too. So it's doable, and you failing doesn't brand you as a shit driver at all.
    Like you said. Nerves. Being jumpy for anything isn't great is it?
    You react. You over-react and you over think...and that's what fucks you up.

    Now how you need to chill is up to you...I would not suggest going stoned...but perhaps an edible taken the night before will give you a small carry over effect...I myself get quite relaxed and actually drive quite smoothly on a day-after edible high.

    Some might suggest peppermint oil?

    At the time, just consider it a journey. "I'm going here" rather than "I am under test conditions".

    Last of all - take your failure as a step, utilise the information you've gained, what your body doesn't remember, your brain will - and now you know what you need to focus on. If you still take lessons - ask them to work them around the things you are aiming for. They'll work with you.

    Not sure what else to suggest...but I hope it helped a bit...
  3. Thanks a lot bro, It really means a lot just reading my story & being empathatic.

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  4. Do you pay more insurance if you have ADHD ...?
    besides practice makes perfect
    as you can see here why you were so anxious in the first place
    trying to make plans with ur girl..?

  5. you take the test in a stick shift? what kind of car?
    stinks that you passed but hey, driving in the real world will put you in high stress situations so this was good practice anyway even if you didn't get your license.
    think of something else special to do with your girl. she doesn't drive? or you guys just can't do a road trip with only one driver?
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  6. Stick= non north America.
    Round abouts= more a euro thing.

    Europe somewhere?

    Mr dankmeister in my country if you don't pass your exit test they suspend your licence for a certain amount of time.

    I want to add something for you after reading your post, but don't know if I can.
  7. No insurance is the same.

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  8. Yes, In Europe we drive stick shifts. I prefer them to be honest.
    It was a small little toyota small little banger(my instructors car)
    Nah she doesn't drive.

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  9. The advice I would give is stop putting so much pressure on yourself. You can't drive so don't make driving plans until you can, unnecessary pressure you dont need man.
    Take your time on the test (I dont mean going 20 in a 50 :laughing: ), believe in yourself, you said yourself you are a good driver, you know you can do this.
    I didn't tell anyone when my test was so if I failed nobody had to know, again no pressure.

    Good luck. You can do this. You will love driving by yourself, I'm excited for ya!
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  10. Yeah, you're right. I only made it more anxious for myself. Hopefully, I'll pass 2nd time.

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