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Failed for LEGAL herbs...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BooDrugTests, May 10, 2010.

  1. ive been dealing with weekly piss tests for months now and i failed one a while back so i decided when i really want to get stoned instead of risking a failed drug test i would smoke black magic smoke.... Well, after the last failed drug test i stopped smoking and passed a test two weeks later. Four full weeks after the failed test and with 2 passed tests inbetween i failed an instant drug test and the only thing i had smoked was black magic smoke the night before...about 16 hours.... the test got sent out to the lab and we are waiting on the results, but false positives are 1 in a million according to my counselor. Is there any way that i actually did fail for these legal herbs that you can buy at a store!? of course i cant admit to smoking them because they are "not for human consumption". any ideas as to what happened?
  2. well u shouldnt have failed considering that legal herbs dont contain thc but maybe it has some other chemical in it that triggered the test. and why cant u smoke them? isnt that what they are meant for haha. just tell them that u smoked black magic smoke and show them the package for proof
  3. just tell them what you smoked. thats like saying they're gonna get mad at you for smoking apples. it might seem dumb but it's not illegal.
  4. What are you getting tested for?
  5. my thought is that the chemical i believe is in the black magic smoke, JWH-018, caused one of the lines on the cup to be missing but once it gets sent to the lab and tested for thc it will come back with levels of 0. (best case scenario) ... but this still looks super sketchy
  6. but i dont understand how it looks sketchy, u didnt do anything illegal
  7. Seriously. You didn't do anything wrong under any law. Nut up and flash the bag.
  8. you guys need to realize that the law is NOT fair. when you are forced to be in treatment you need to sign a paper that states you wont use any "mind altering substances". im sure they would categorize that under a mind altering substance, it doesn't look good for probation, especially when it makes a drug test come up positive! ... theyre response to me would be that i am substituting something else for marijuana and its equally as bad
  9. someone please give me a response with any information of how it is possible or how these legal herbs are stored in your system, rather than the idiotic response that i can tell them to suck my nuts because its legal to purchase

  10. Hell yea gettin blazed off apples :)
  11. Some legal herbs contain a THC analog that's actually more potent and will pop a test positive.

    If you're facing a drug test try something new and radical...don't do any drugs!
  12. so you cant drink alcohol or coffee either cuz of your probation or take ADD drugs or the like?
  13. ^^^LoL Well put. I've learned over the years that is the best way to do it. Stay out of trouble in the first place or your freedoms will be gone.

  14. so the instant test comes up positive but when they test my THC levels in the lab, will i have thc in my system or will the number be a 0?
  15. If you have a vaild prescription you're ok. You don't want to show positive for alcohol on a test because that means you were recently drinking. Caffeine is 100% legal and they also don't test for it.
  16. it depends in what state youre in, in kentucky they banned jwh on 4/16. now its a schedule 1 drug here. i dont think jwh is in standardized drug tests yet however.

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