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Failed/Canceled test with Quick Fix Synthetic

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by OldGreg17, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. Just an update: I PASSED! THANK YOU QUICK FIX!!! :RoorRip:
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  2. The lab called you ? I just did one and the MRO said lab just came in and employer could view them but wouldnt tell me. If there was an issue I thought the MRO would question you. Do you havd your lab report showing what failed ?
  3. I took one with QF also went to quest and my results were in for employer review within 24 hrs. That was late yesteday and waiting for HR to send my start date. I would think if it came back within 24 hrs and it was in fact a fail they would tell me immediately and move on. But no clue.
  4. Who told you this ? The only person allowed to speak to you is the MRO by law and any lab. This sounds very odd. Its federal law that a lab tech cannot contact you and say its fake and further testing required. Quest is the main facility in the US and labcorp sends their test there as well. If there was something was found the MRO would call and ask about medical conditions before finalizing a report. They dont contact you if they know its fake and send to enployer failer to submit which means submitted fake urine.
  5. Labcorp is the collection site and its sent to where the employer has contracted. Mine was collected at Labcorp and sent to First Lab but i think its technically quest labs (googled). The MRO is another company that is who my employer is contracted with. Lots of 3rd parties involved. I did read WA, IN, NC, HI and a couple other states test for fake urine regardless of what lab. The state regulates the laws the lab has to follow. If all that makes sense
  6. That sub solution clear choice urine the truth. It’s high but it got me a job paying damn damn good frfr. I highly recommend. Don’t believe the hype it’s the best one on the market and I used the heating element
  7. I used something this morning that I bought online that said it was 99.9% effective at cleaning out your own pee. I followed the directions to the letter. It said drink 32 oz of water first then the bottle of stuff. It said it was most effective one hour after drinking it. So after an hour, I went to a reputable lab and had them pee test me and it came back positive. So money down the drain and I will be having a nice T break while I go to diversion, in a legal state with a medical card, for driving while stoned.
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    I should've came here first. I have used QF twice before and passed no problems. I do not know my results but I'm extremely nervous reading about fails with synthetic urine. I used QF w/ urea. I purchased it at a headshop July 2016 but didn't need to use it until now. It was stored away from sunlight this whole time.
    I forgot to save the green slip that lists the batch date so I'm sorry I do not have that info.
    Test paper said it was in between the accepted test
    I took the test last Friday. Its only early Tuesday morning so they prob don't have the results yet.
    Question: LabCorp did the test. I'm in AZ but it's being sent to a MRO in North Carolina. Does NC test for synthetic urine? If they do then I'm screwed.
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    Happened to a friend of mine. I know this is an ancient nerd-bump but he used QFseveral times and the last time he used it the lady straight up said "hmm, no bubbles" and then smelled it. She looked my friend in the eye and rolled her eyes. The other times he went they knew it was synthetic because no bubbles but they did not care. She still submitted it but they know it's fake. He says they also know when you have been taking B12 and certo because B vitamins make your piss smell very funky and they shade of yellow they give is unnatural. It's almost glowing. I gotta drop tomorrow and am halfways between dilution and QF. My friend sounds super smug about the QF but I will be homeless if I fail so I like to put a little more thought into it. I need this second job. This type of stress is FUCKING SILLY. And I feel like a piece of trash for not just quitting for a full month while trying to get a second job. How everyone and their mother in this state can smoke now legally but corporations are allowed to discriminate for what I do in my free time is incredibly fucking twisted. I am as sober as I have been in years, haven't smoked in a week and change now but the fucking pill popper can come in just a couple days clean and pass while we have to wait for the fusion problem to be solved before we piss clean.
  10. Strange that you bumped this because we just had a department wide drug test at work about a month and a half ago. The bad part was it was supervised..they were literally looking at our dicks when we pissed. I was as dirty as you could possibly be. My original plan was to use quick fix but I opted to use my buddies clean piss in place of the QF. I used the QF bottle and hand warmers. Somehow I managed to pull it off even with them supervising, but after that night I made up my mind that I was done with weed. Smoking just isn't worth me losing the job I's a very laid back and well paid position, where I basically just have to show up. If I had a shitty job I would still smoke but I can't risk it with this job.

    The stress I felt before going into work knowing I had a supervised drug test coming was something I never wanna experience again. 4 people lost their jobs because of weed. Until something changes legally I think I'm just gonna be done with it..i have to say the peace of mind I have just knowing I'm clean and my job isnt in jeopardy is better than smoking to me.

    I definitely miss smoking but my wallet doesn't miss it..went through an ounce of high grade every 2 weeks..260-280/oz where I'm from. That's an insane amount of money to spend on weed every month. I didn't think I would be able to quit but I took it one day at a time and I'm close to 2 months without it.

    P.S. far from legal in my state, not even a medical marijuana law on the books here.

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  11. That's a drastic but probably smart move. If you go back then do it at a point where it won't matter if people know.

    I actually went against my better judgement and used it anyway. I not only got busted but got humiliated by the entire staff and still didn't get the job when my backup dilution method didn't work. Glad you were able to use the tool and apply it in a more intelligent way and get away with it. I have no friends that don't smoke and family members do not know I (used to) smoke so I was SOL. If you want the details on that experience you can find my post somewhere in the upper pages of the smoking and usage forum. Don't let my annoying leftist political ranting dissuade you from an entertaining and possibly eye opening experience. You seem to have already resolved yourself to quit so at this point it would be another check in that box or at least a cautionary tale of what could happen.

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  12. Man I am really sorry that happened to you, I can only imagine how you feel. Another opportunity will present itself and you will have learned from this shitty experience. At least it wasn't a probation drug test where you would be going to jail for could always be worse. And I feel exactly the same way you do about the drug testing bullshit, I've said the exact words you said many times and still feel that way. It's just flat out wrong that you can get off work and drink as much liquor as you can handle, and still be able to go to work and pass a drug test. Its wrong that people can get a prescription for pills and abuse them, legally. All of it is sickening to me and everyone, even non smokers, agree that it's fucked up. Just learn from your experience and be prepared for your next opportunity, because it will come.

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  13. Just wanted to share/warn others of my recent experience with quick-fix synthetic urine.
    A few years ago I quit smoking to get my license to drive a taxi in NYC. Everything I read said I would be clean in 30 days or so especially being active and only 5'8 135lbs. Wrong it took me 52 days to finally get that faint line on home test kit. Probably because I smoked on average an ounce a week of that really good stuff, anyways once i seen that faint line took my test and passed. Now need to take an annual test to keep my license. I was unable or better yet unwilling to go 2 months without smoking and also now have a second better job that doesn' test me so not in dire need to pass the test but the xtra money is nice. So i resorted to synthetic urine after lots of research and followed directions perfectly. Boom! it worked and I was like yes I will never have to quit again:) worked again last year. Now my test this year, ordered from same company verified the batch # and went to take my test. Everything went fine until 2 weeks later I get a call saying my test came back inconclusive. Was asked if I was on any medications did I put something in the urine sample etc etc. Was told the taxi commisson would send me a letter stating what to do. This was 12/4. So i decided to quit that day and hope i had some time before re testing again. Worst time of the year to not smoke I must say. Anyway get the letter from taxi commission today saying I have 15 days(from date on letter 12/27) to go pick up letter to re test and will be tested that same day. So my test is scheduled for 1/10 which will put me at 36 days smoke free, far from the 52 days it took me last time to get clean. I have been running 3x a week and am hoping this will cut down the time to get clean. I will never put my trust in synthetic urine again and will just do the old fadhion way frim now on. Keep you fingers crossed for me this works out and BeWare synthetic urine is not guaranteed to work anymore the labs are on to this now.
  14. This is a bunch of horse shit. I am in a legal state. I have a medical card. yet I was arrested and given a DUII because it's on your driving record when you have a card that the cops can pull up if they pull you over. You have to show your license to get your medical card.

    They need to come up with a test that shows WHEN you last smoked. I hadn't smoked for several days and was definitely not stoned when I got pulled over. I have to go to a bunch of drug abuse classes and sit there with people who use unmentionables for the next few months. I am definitely not going to get another medical card. I haven't smoked since 12-15 but I don't know if I will pee clean when I have to go to my first class 2-7. I am going to try to push that date out a little because my back doctor is 4 hours away. I am going to call and say I didn't realize when I made that appointment for 2-7 that I have to go to Portland to see my back doctor on that date.
  15. Update on old thread.. QUICKFIX 6.1 fail for substitute.. immunassory interference.. dot... won’t ever use it again they’re getting smarter and one step ahead.
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  16. What formula, need details.
  17. Lol
  18. They do have a quickfix 6.2 out now.

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  19. Does 6.2 have antibodies from humans in it? If not won’t pass here in spfd, mo
  20. Not sure, it passed a 5 pannel dot test here in south carolina. Two weeks ago.

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