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Failed/Canceled test with Quick Fix Synthetic

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by OldGreg17, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. I'll start off by saying that I have used quick fix before for a pre-employment test at LapCorp and it worked perfectly - I heard back within hours that I had gotten the job. But this test was a little different - it was a pre emp. DOT test that was sent off to a lab in Kansas. I started the job and worked for a full week before hearing anything.  I tested on Friday and didn't hear anything back until the next Thursday or Friday, got a call from the MRO saying that they couldn't even test the sample?? He asked if I added anything to the sample or if I was on any medications and I said no.  Then he said the result of the test was a canceled they said I had to do a supervised test immediately. I just happened to be lucky as shit to know someone in the organization who could convince HR to let me retest in 30 days, which I passed naturally. I'm just curious now because I know they randomly test.  
    I was confused that it was canceled. You would think if they knew it was synthetic, it would be substituted? So if they didn't consider it substituted, and they said they couldn't even test it because "something in it was interferring with the test equipment"?? I mean I've never heard of anything like that before..I should have requested a copy or something but I didn't want to push the issue since they were cutting me a break with the 30 day retest. Anybody heard of this? I had it at the right temp  - 96 on the cup. I stored it in my house, room temperature and no direct sunlight...I don't understand what happened unless they are testing for uric acid in kansas? And I think the random tests are done in-house/same day because you can't return to work until the results come back, according to someone I work with. 

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  2. There's tons of articles out there about lab tests finding out that synthetic urine samples aren't from real humans. It must be a new criteria they test for that the folks at Quick Fix haven't caught onto yet. If I were you, I would get the slip about the fucked up test, include a copy of your QuickFix receipt, and try to get a refund from QuickFix.
    Just another reason to give yourself 1-2 months to naturally detox and store some urine in the freezer. It's free and and you'll know for sure it's human and clean.
  3. Also how the fuck did you get it postponed 30 days? What was your excuse?
  4. I was under the impression that the DOT tests were governed by some set of guidelines that meant they were standardized and couldn't test for anything extra, just the adulterants/etc. And if they had actually found something that said it was synthetic, don't you think they would have said that and checked substituted? I'm not sure what the statute is on asking for a copy or if they would even provide one, and I don't want to stir anything up ...let sleeping dogs lie ya know? 
    But about the 30 day I said, I was very lucky. I knew a manager high up and they asked me about it, and asked if I could pass a supervised one...and I said at first I didn't think I should have to agree to a supervised test...and then I said well I might have celebrated a little after getting the they talked to someone and I had to sign some letter saying that I thought I was unable to pass the test and if I failed a test after 30 days I could be terminated, etc. 
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    well...i just took a random labcorp DOT that was also sent to a lab in overland park, kansas on tuesday!!!! this thread definitely has made me worry and terribly frightened. i used my quickfix 5.7-1 batch p1s-13. temp was on point and the nurse was not suspicious of me in any was a split sample, i havent heard anything yet but please someone tell me i need not worry.
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    detox drinks are a pure rachet and nothing else. They look at it this way. You piss clean and you think wow it worked, when actually u prolly would have pissed clean without it. You fail and want their money back guarantee? Oh sorry you did not follow the instructions properly cause it totally works.

    They do not detox shit. If they did you better believe they'd be illegal to posses as they'd allow you to skirt probation/parole tests and the govt isn't going to fuck around with that.
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    no one in this thread mentioned anything about detox all. did you read before you posted?
  8. First sentence. Title...
  9. Oh shit you mean synthetic urine? I read it as a drink that fucked up the sample. Not synthic urine. My bad, misunderstood the title and first part.
  10. ...right. quickfix is a synthetic urine, pre bottled as a substitute. not a detox drink. thank you for your interest though.
  11. its all good my fellow in the same situation as op, except i havent gotten my results very nervous and worried.
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    Now that I know it's syn urine all I could offer is sorry op. Labs have the equipment and knowledge to pick up on that the sample is not of human origin. Sucks but that's how they make their money, staying on the cutting edge of how people beat tests so they can tell the companies that use their services how good they are at finding dirty samples.
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  13. yeah..but there are also a lot of recent success stories. there is even a newer version of quickfix available that comes with a vial of uric acid to be mixed at the time of substitution...wish i had used that one right about now. but since i havent officially failed yet i still have a few shreds of hope =/ lol
  14. It's the classic cat n mouse routine. If they have a new version out it's because labs got wise to the old stuff.
  15. bumping is a forum used term to push older threads that may have not been resolved to the top of the forum to achieve more views, and possibly more answers.
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    For the past 20 years I had to pass random DOT drug tests for my job.  The only sure way to pass those tests is to be clean or by using real, clean urine, not synthetic.  They know the difference, believe me.  No flush, fake urine or additive will fool the lab unless they get sloppy and make a mistake during the testing procedure which always goes in your favor for liability reasons.  These are always split sample lab analysis GC/MS type tests, not a simple dip test kit you'd find at the drugstore, hospital or rehab clinic.  They are restricted to just what drugs are tested for, but if you're not clean it will show up.
    This is the place I'd recommend for clean urine, they are good folks.

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