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  1. This was an idea I had before I knew about Grasscity, but seems pretty similar in retrospect. 
    I had thought, "what if there is a social media website for stoners where they can talk openly" and realized that facebook and "fadebook" sound alike. So imagine a website with the same template and layout of facebook, but everything is weed-based or stoner posted. Again, sounds like this website and now I think of it as a much less novel idea. I guess post comments on your opinion?

  2. thanks for the idea, im gunna go get rich off it.

    jk, but dude if you think you have an idea, you dont throw it out into the open, make it yours and make it happen

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    Wow OP....It's taking off like FB already. lol
  4. I just wanted to share the thought with you guys, never actually thought of going through with it for real but thanks for the tip
  5. I'd join

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  6. 100% approval rate as of now! Lookin' good  :smoking:
  7. I'd join tbf lol.

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