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    It seems that Facebook has topped even google's popularity in terms of the number of users it attracts. What's more is that the people who are running the show want to ingrain their site in the very Internet itself. They are billing this as "the most transformative thing they've ever done for the web." Except they won't be doing anyone a favor like this. In their vision they operate beyond the limits of a mere website and into the domain of something like a copilot - something you take with you as you surf the Internet. For what?

    Personalized advertisements. They want you and your friends to actively use their services while publishing what you like so that any website that wants to can access that information and custom tailor products or services to subsequently shove down your throat. Did I miss something? [​IMG]

    I'm saddened enough by the news that more people want to set their status than search for random shit on google. This is just a power play for the folks at Facebook to further establish their prominence as the premier social networking site. If the Internet happens to be cheapened, your privacy eroded along the way, so be it.

    Maybe it's because I have some antisocial tendencies, but fuck this idea that surfing the Internet has to be a social pastime. I for one don't want or need a "social graph" to "guide" me online. Have we become senior citizens without the ability to navigate the Internet? After all, it started out quite a solitary, privileged act to begin with (to surf the Internet) did it not? Through the advent of message boards, chatrooms, instant messaging, and now social networking sites, it's become social enough as is.

    Basically, I want all you bastards to stop hogging my bandwidth. The lyrics you posted as your last status show me your taste in music is terrible and I could care less about the group you just joined that you think is so clever.

    Satire aside, what do you make of all this? What is your opinion on Facebook and the direction it wants to go?
  2. This is pretty fucked up.

    I have been considering deleting my fb for awhile now. I just feel like it's an immense time waster, and I could be wasting my time looking at things on the internet that are actually interesting/funny/educational instead of seeing 20 wall posts about friends who want me to check out their imaginary farms.

    I may actually do it soon. Fuck social networking, if I wanted to be social, I wouldn't be sitting my ass in front of a computer screen.
  3. I am proud to say that I do not have a facebook. There are very, very few people my age (20's) without it.
  4. I'm 24 and have never had one. Of course I've had a couple friends tell me to get one but I have no plans in wasting my time on useless people.

  5. You are the MAN!!!
  6. WOMAN*** lmfao so sorry
  7. I have had a Facebook for about four years but I deactivated it about a month ago. Once everyone started making Facebooks and it was all over the news I felt it was a little bit too powerful and people were getting too dependent on it so I cut my ties.
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    facebook = :rolleyes:

    I had the myspace for a bit, than got rid of that...I think. Facebook is no different and just as lame.
  9. well,

    that's a crock of bullshit if i ever seen one
  10. i find it very funny that some people can have conversations on facebook, but when it comes to real life they would just ignore that person?

    if that makes sense
  11. just hopped off the bandwagon a few weeks ago,

    Aanmelden | Facebook

    ...i just dont see the reason to speak with someone in more ways. if you want to be direct you call, if your pussy you email and if you bullshit you do it over msn.

    there are enough ways to communicate to people you know, i dont need random people ive never met or have met (once) adding me...I DON'T KNOW YOU.

    nevermind stressing over what kind of picture might get plastered on another site.

    ie. the dirty...too many people i know, all pic's from fb.

  12. i'm proud to say I don't have a f book.

    as stated earlier, if you really wanted to socially network, you wouldn't be sitting infront of a computer!

  13. Facebook, a social network...for 300lbs+
  14. Facebook sucks. Never had one, never will.
  15. you can change the settings so that they cant do that.
    as of now, if you dont change it it is auto set to allow.
    i went in and changed it as soon as i logged in this morning.
    first off...i got nagged SOOO badly by everyone to make a damn FB...so i made one...its 90% my family, i dont collect friends and i dont accept friend requests from people i dont like, dont want to talk to or dont know.
    i use it sorta like my email, but with less credit card spammage:rolleyes:
  16. My sis first made me one than i had shit load of friends adding me, i suppose thats the only reason why i have one.
    Think its time to Delete.
  17. sounds to me like another kind of browser. like firefox.

    but it wills ell and we will enter the facebook era in teh timeline of teh intrawebs.

    they got the idea of the personal ads from the movie minority report when he walks into the Gap and they have a holographic say his name and the last thing he bought and how are they and what ever.

    as far as that goes i get bombarded by at least 40 things of spam a day. and thats just in my spam folder. and who do you think they are addressed to? me. personally. so its not a new concept.

    i dont want the internet to know me any more than it already does. sure its a great marketing feature. but eventually itll become the neilsen ratings system on TV. we already have Big Boards for forums. and yahoo and google keep track of individual site traffic.

    the idea to me to make facebook "engrained" into the net itself, that retarded, that makes it sound like it would be self sufficient and run on its own.

    im sure that just like any structure made by man, if you dont make constant updates and repairs and maintain the thing, then itll break down. so its not really a permanent feature in the virtual world of the internet.

    but if you think about it, as time goes on, our technology increases and we get more advanced toys, and we need to learn how to use it. sometimes its to complicated to understand its full capacity. its like we are gods and the internet is our universe we created and its flourishing but yet we dont know all of its facets of detail. we are still learning our own creation.
  18. I've met many a person more eloquent on the web than in person. Sometimes its anxiety, most of the time it's the ability to have a backspacing button and think instead of being on the spot.

    In any case, I just had to uncheck a box that was checked for me on the website for them to personalize. I believe it will go the same way as Myspace soon enough, old hat. Something new will pop out and it will begin to die off(not completely of course) just as all things on the internet do.

    They want to be a co-pilot but what they don't understand is they simply made a small chunk of how much is actually out there. Give it time, the news will pick up the story about their large privacy issues and then being the fact that they've repeatedly changed site design against large groups of people who requested it remain the same and we begin to see how un-user-friendly they really are.

    Things on the internet move fast..... much much much faster than everyday things. I'd venture to say in six months they'll start to slow down(not in numbers but in people per day) and shit in five years or so we will probably laugh at the notion of Facebook trying to guide our internet.

    I'd say the largest issue with their whole plan is we don't always know what we want. How are you going to customize for the person who doesn't know? I have stumble upon and I still run into crap I don't want to see all the time.. and so Facebook, the website that can't even add a "dislike" button or allow two styles of viewing their website is totally going to revolutionize the way I internet in the near future. Yeah, call me when this shit happens, I'll be totally stoked. ;)
  19. Learn less, spend more.

    sounds about right.
  20. You know you're not gonna delete it...You like having all those friends...Who doesn't like having a shit ton of friends on their facebook. I know when I had myspace it always made me feel good...deep down, people loved me:love: but, oh how I hate people :devious:

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