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Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by kkeeland, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. any1 see this site? budbook.org? i guess its like the facebook of bud. people have profiles and stuff...is it legit?
  2. Until it is legal I will not be putting any real info about myself out there, other than my name on a petition.

  3. I looked a little more into it.. there isnt really anything required to sign up. just an email...hmmmm idk
  4. Another one is Asher Roth's site, The Daily Kush - - - Officially, it's just his fansite, but in reality it's a stoner version of facebook or myspace.
  5. thats pretty damn cool. i think it would be sweet tho if there was hella people because it would be such a fast way to share ur shit... kinda like instant feedback on ur grows... idk maybe its just me tho haha im stoned
  6. looks like a pretty dumb idea to me haha
  7. Sounds like a great way to get busted lol.
  8. looks just as dumb as potspace.com
  9. It is just pot dude.

    Unless you grow or deal.

    I would walk right up to a cop and say I've smoked pot.

    He can't do shit to me. Go ahead search my ass, I don't carry anything on me anyways.
  10. How would u get busted? its no different than this site as far as info shared? the profiles on there dont show much... i dont think it would matter

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