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  1. It's strange how most of us don't realize how we're being conditioned more and more to live for social acceptance.

    It's enough already, for those with no friends and family to be viewed as "losers" and "outcasts" in real life. But now they experience it in the cyber world too.

    I personally love the feature of "liking" status's on Facebook and Grasscity, but look at it from that angle for a second. It's a way to accentuate the social rankings we live with. When your on facebook, do you read the status with 34 likes or one that's got no replies? (speaking of people we don't know in this case). Deceptively and most likely unintentionally, it's the creators of the world's most visited websites (i.e. Facebook/Youtube) making sure who's in charge, stays in charge. The person/business with more likes will attract more people, in turn making new friends, leading to more likes/business in the future. Making the social people more social , and the "losers" more "loserlike". And the "wealthy" more "wealthy", and the "popular" more "popular".

    We may be getting closer and communicating with more people via internet, but we're also getting farther and farther from equality.

    Just a thought to ponder.. :confused:
  2. it's actually a feature on grasscity because facebook took down the grasscity FB page

    so fuck them, right? we got our OWN likes now

    so where's the dislike button
  3. I agree with OP, social networks are creating a whole new problem in society, and IMO i'm not too sure if the pros outweigh the cons...
  4. facebook = crazy imo....have you see cnbc facebook obsession

  5. I have not. Post a link and I'll check it out.
  6. Social networking can be cool if your a little older like 35-40 cause you can find old friends from school and stuff like that and reconnect to people you knew when you were younger.

    I think it just causes problem for younger people like middle school, high school age.

    College age kids are fine because most have grown up by now and know how to be semi-adult like lol.

    Twitter is a whole different story though cause twitter can fucking awesome if you use it right.
  7. Yea, when some people post..well, anything, tons of people like it. When other people post great stuff, it doesn't get shit, lol. I only have a few people who like my stuff, but it's nice to know that I'm helping a few people, and I'm sure some of my other friends read the stuff and it proly helps/they enjoy it, even if they don't like/comment

  8. it was actually designed at first specifically for college students, and only college students, to make the way social activities work at colleges "flow" together more easily, i.e. making people meet each other with out the awkward...hi i'm...phase.
  9. Only 2 likes on my status? Well, frankly, I don't give a shit.

    I find that, if I post some mainstream song lyrics I'll get likes out the ass.
    But if I post something intellectually stimulating I only get 1 or 2 likes.

    What does that tell me?

    My friends are fucking idiots.


  10. The GC "like" feature killed the rep system in my opinion. I get tons of likes, but barely any rep. I'm maxed out so I don't care, it's not like I get the satisfaction of "oh boy another green bar" anymore, but just wondering if anyone noticed this.

    I read all statuses on FB for the most part depending on how they start out, likes and replies don't influence me all that much unless there's like 18 replies, then I get curious.

  11. Haha I noticed this too. I actually would rep more often but I always just want to give rep to the same people and I can't anymore... I guess I need to spread more around.

    I actually am glad we have a "like" feature on gc. I basically use it to say "I like what you said but I don't have anything else to say about it and I don't feel like making a seperate post just to say that"... so that I don't have to quote someone and just be like "I agree" or "qft".

    I gave up facebook a while ago though, and I am extremely happy that I did.
  12. i was on myspace for a select group of 10 or so friends.
    im on facebook for an ex girlfriend who made me make a profile who moved away and keeps in touch
    and so my girlfriend who's life is currently a ball of shit can keep in touch with me.
    thats it.
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