Facebook blocked me from joining and posting to groups

Discussion in 'General' started by jashley, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Facebook blocked me from joining groups for 30 days but its been 30 days and two weeks and I am still getting the message saying I am blocked.

    I am having problems joining and postingto groups on Facebook . I was blocked from joining for 30 days and it has beenmore than a month and I am stillunable to join groups or post. Why is this? I thought I should have beenunblocked by now. Also, when I log in Ikeep getting asked to verify my identity and when I do this it says you areblocked from joining and posting to groups for 30 days because you did not pass a security check. I know I did pass the security check. And I keep getting this message every time I log in. So whats wrong?
  2. why dont u try contacting facebook

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  3. Facebook has it out for you...Time to get paranoid. :cool:
  4. That's worse than getting cancer

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