face wash

Discussion in 'General' started by smoker.of.pot, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. have u ever washed your faces and smelled weed it happens to me all the time i love it it allways smell like hella good bud
  2. i only have one face
  3. Yeah.
    No wait , I meant no.
    Wait , what ?
  4. or take a shower after an intesnse smoke session?? u smell the resin washing off the hair. wonderful. or u smoke so frequently u smell weed in the sweat?
  5. Nah, I've never washed my faces. I only have one :p

  6. lmao.
  7. I think the OP is referring to people that are two-faced...
  8. I literally 'loled'.
  9. This thread is lulz!
  10. my face smells like face when i wash it.. i dont blow smoke on my cheeks and forhead.

    drying my hair in the shower if i dont wash it sometimes smells like smoke. but thats it.
  11. One time I was washing my face and my other face asked me to wash it. I punched it in the nose and it started crying ! So I grabbed the soap and oh shit !! I dropped it...All the guys around me stared viciously as I contimplated on picking it up or not.

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