1. 057F3BE9-FB57-4319-8441-C484F64DEE5F.jpeg A0ECBF1D-B1CB-4ECD-A89E-9B24B8686CC7.jpeg 3E4F7D10-D828-491F-8041-FF9F5EA6B4BC.jpeg 65D7816F-8EA8-4C94-A51B-E2DA29181D32.png 7DA7F147-2A58-428F-8A61-A29B6CE13F12.jpeg C66B18C6-0DCA-4466-B9DA-5ADE483A10D7.jpeg 0A602075-3DB7-431D-B810-1332AD09F5CC.jpeg 514D208C-0061-439C-9957-7BF90C6777F3.jpeg Hello Fellow Growers!

    I am new to Growing, and this is my first grow. I am currently growing Strawberry Cough in Coco Coir and Super Soil only, using filtered tap water that has been allowed to rest for at least 24 hours (I read that helps some of the chlorine to dissolve) Just looking for confirmation this beauty is looking nice and healthy. I have topped one time with great success. I have a SCROG in place for when she reaches a foot tall for some LST. My Light is a Quantum Board Full Spectrum LED 600w.

    The following is my Grow Guide so far as well as pics. Any tips or advice is welcome and greatly appreciated. I figure I’ll get the best of both from this forum. Thanks in advance.
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  2. She's a beauty. You seem to have the green fingers.
  3. Thanks man!

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