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    High everyone!
    My first grow didn't go as planed and i think everything is repeating now.My first 4 plants had major nitrogen def and on top of all they got polinated.I have 1 and a half (almost) month old Northern Light Auto and in the last few days i start to notice that some pistils have brown tips (a forum member told me that when the plants get polinated the pistils turn brown earlier than non polinated plants),also notice that they are not as "perky" and "pointy" as they were (sorry for the description lol :D).I keep telling myself "They have like 2 months more to flower,don't assume sh*t so early" but just can't forget what happened to my last grow.My grow space is 0,5m2,i have 2 extake PC fans with no filter and no intake fans (just 2 round holes in the grow closet with active carbon filter from kitchen aspirator).Temps are 23-27 degrees celsius.
    Is it possible that they got polinated from polinated nugs i grinded and then rolled in my room...
    Plase help me,im tired of growing airy buds with seeds.......
    P.S. had cal/mag roblems due to high soil ph,but i flushed it and it's recovering.
    P.S. 2 just ripped one of the calyxes on the stem and despite the fact that theres a pistil coming out of it,thats a f-ing seed IMO... it looks big,but actually it's about 1mm

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  2. Your plant hermied. You can see nanners in the one image.
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  3. Can u tell me which one of the photos you refer to so tomorrow i can take better photo of the nug.First time a plant hermied on me,and all i really know for hermies is to look for bannanas,and may be the lackof experience talking.but i don't see any bananas.If you are talking about the last photo,one leaf looks like a nanner,but its not.
  4. I don't see any nanners. Just a lot of pistil activity. Looks like it need more nutrients. You're very light green. Raise the nitro and bloom.
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  5. I don't see any nanners at all some pistals will turn brown early and more white pistals will grow in
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  6. That last image is not a seed it's normal
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  7. Is it a sensi seeds northern lighys by any chance?
  8. On second look i seemed to have been mistaken.
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  9. No,it's from Royal Queen Seeds.

    Fed her yesterday,i got tired from watering with perfekt pH levels and the runoff comes out 8-9 ph.I just bought the wrong soil and dicided to do all my grows from now on with 70% coco and 30% perllite.

    Thank you for the responses,i hope she'll be okay!
  10. i had a few plants do that , some of the pistils turned brown early then the plants sprouted a bunch of new white ones and turned out fine ..
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