F***ing bats in my garage while im bunning

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  1. I just had 4 f***cking bats fly right over my head and around my garage while im toking. First i tripped da FUCK out:bolt:. Then i realized this is canada and vampire bats dont live here. So i continued toking whilst having bats flying around and my dog running around after them. :poke:

    I figure as long as im getting bat guano for my plant, of coursee they can stay for the winter loool :cool:
  2. Dude I live right next to a forest, summer nights like this they're flying right over my deck and shit. I've seen/heard them sooooo many times burning. they don't really scare me but they seem to like fucking with me.

    Fucking dickhead bats.
  3. This thread is golden. Enjoy your night bud!
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    Say word. I think im gonna go hang with them for a nice bunn before bed :) Gonna put on some ozzy maybe thatyll freak em away..they know what'l happen.:yummy:
  5. ive always liked bats.
  6. why is everyone on GC getting infested with pests?

    spiders? bats?

    off topic but a lot of people on GC get robbed and have their gfs cheat on them.

    i get off topic easily
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  8. bats are chill man eating all those annoying fuckin mosquitos and gnats

    you should blow hits toward them so they can enjoy their feast
  9. This is a little different, but I just had something similar happen to me. I was driving home at 3AM from McDonalds (24/7 here) and was passing by my neighborhood when a fox runs right in front of me on the road. I'm glad it wasn't an opossum, but still, a fox?
  10. Get them really high and lull them to sleep with the Batman theme.
    Then you can adopt them, and train them to ... do awesome ... things.
  11. i once schwacked a bat out of the air with a tennis racket, it was quite glorious
  12. lol I have a pool and at night I have a few bats that come and fly around my pool eating bugs.

    The other week me and my girlfriend were in my pool around dusk, and out comes the bat flying around the pool around us. My girlfriend squealed and dived under the water lol. It was flying about face level only 2-3 feet around us.
    I thought it was awesome
  13. Bats are pretty cool really. If you dont want them living in your garage, you can actually buy bat houses to hang outside. They will help keep your insect population down. Try tossing something small up in the air when they are flying, sometimes they will try to catch it.

    We have all kinds of stuff around here. Bats, deer, foxes, raccoon's, possums, skunks, bears, and all kinds of other critters.
  14. Bats are friggin cool, I wouldnt mind having a few just flyin around and chillin.:smoke:

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