f*cken clones!

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  1. my clones were rooted and I decided to plant in the ground so I did and 1 day later slugs almost killed 1 so I transplanted to pots for awhile, will it survive, shrivelled, thas how i can describe it.
  2. DirtyFuckingBastards

    Next time, here is what you do:

    Slugs/Snails - The common slug is too common a pest to even need much of an introduction. Slugs attack a wide range of plants, causing anything from slight damage to death.

    Solution - Unfortunately, there is no foolproof method for eradicating slugs. All one can hope for is to reduce their numbers and protect plants when they're at a vulnerable stage. Toads, frogs, and beetles eat slugs and are worth encouraging in your garden. One of the best ways of dealing with slugs is to use physical barriers. Place plastic bottle cloches around plants, or sprinkle circles of lime, eggshells, or sawdust around plants. Slugs are attracted to saucers or plastic pots of milk or beer (they drown themselves in ecstasy). To be sure you're keeping your slimy slug population under control; collect them by hand at night or on damp days. Try collecting them under a tile or wet cardboard, and squash all eggs you find while digging. Placing a saucer of salt is another method that's as old as the hills. Martha Stewart recommends coiling a piece of wire around the base of your plants to give slugs a shocking experience. Of course Martha probably doesn't have the same plants in her garden as we do, but we won't tell her if you don't.

    Stylez wrote that.
  3. I use the beer trick in all areas of my garden. It works great. I dig a little hole in the ground and put the end of a sawed-off plastic bottle (like the bottom of a gatorade or water bottle) down in the hole until the lip of the bottle is the same height as the level of the soil. Then I fill it up with beer and place a board or something over the bottle of beer with the side propped up just enough to let a slug under it (use a small twig or something - the gap only needs to be 1/4 inch - if that).

    Every few days, top off the beer and when you have enough slug corpses in there, pull out that bottle and pitch it in the trash and replace with a fresh one.

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