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F*ck i'm out of weed again. Can't get any till maybe tomorrow or so. what to do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Computer, May 11, 2010.

  1. should i drink beer?
    cough syrup?
    what do i do to remedy the pain of not smoking.
    im bugging out u guys seriously.
  2. You need to chill out. One night without weed is far from the end of the world. It definitely seems like your life revolves around weed and you're psychologically addicted if you're "bugging out" over being out of weed. Do something about that.
  3. im gonna answer you before everyone comes on here and flames you lmao.

    you could drink beer, i wouldnt recommend drinking cough syrup unless you know what youre doing (you could get really sick)

    to avoid being in your position i usually take the precaution of grabbing before i run out...

    i guess let that be a lesson.

    just drink liquor/beer
  4. How about try enjoying life? If you can't go a day or two without getting high on something, I would respectfully suggest you do some self examination and evaluate where you want your life to go.
  5. Watch a movie or something dude. do you need to be intoxicated all the time?
  6. Smoke tea if it'll make you feel better : )
  7. Dude, think of the break you will get from a day or two from not smoking, then ull get a better high possibly from being on the break. Also I do what someone else said, I buy before I run out

    I like to have some if I want some
  8. If this guy didn't have 371 posts I'd think this was a troll...
  9. I have felt that before, and I resin hit my bowl. Didnt get me high. Just enough to start feeling it. That was when I realized I don't NEED it. It's all in your head.
  10. They can also kill you.
  11. haha hey at least i answered his question
  12. ^ this guy
  13. Lift some Dumb Bells,or do some push ups,Your ass need to Man Up
  14. Haha

    I'm not out of weed :smoking:
  15. Me either. Haven't been for...hmmm decades I think it is now.
  16. Yay! OSG is one of my favorite people in the City.:hello:
  17. Masturbate
  18. Just fucking go to bed. What's a couple hours? Or even a day? Or a week?
  19. i been out for a week sucks at first but hey ill get it then be high for 3 to for days then out again till i get a job to but bigger amounts LOL
  20. You shouldn't need weed everyday dude, fucking chill out and go take a road trip or something experience life outside the hookah dude.

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