F cancer

Discussion in 'General' started by gatorfan92192, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. fuck it life so gay

    just found out my mom has breast cancer again


    fuck if anyone here has anyone goin thru cancer you have my prayers
  2. cancer sucks pretty bad yeh

    nobodys on my family had it
  3. My mom has breast cancer right now too man, and they think it be spreading to her brain. I understand the shit you're in man, just smoke a lot of the herb and try and stay positive.
  4. thanks allot BlueDom it means allot bro good luck with your mom too you family has my thoughts and prayers
  5. I'm sorry to hear this. Pass her some edibles ( if she doesn't like to smoke ) and lets hope she fights this shit.
  6. Lol I thought f cancer was a type of caner lol :smoking:
  7. haha..

  8. yea thank you too man
  9. :(

    Get her some bud. I'm not joking, not trying to install a little humor, get her some damn bud if your a good son.

    And keep your head up, be prepared for her death, if it's possible. Make sure to apologize for all the shit you've done, otherwise you'll be feeling guilty. Tell her you love her more often.

  10. thank you man means allot
  11. my babu had cancer 3 times. colon, breast, and skin.

    and my other grandma died from some kind of tumors/cancer in her abdomen.

    i hate cancer.

    good luck to your mother. just be there for her

  12. thanks i think she will too
  13. if she wants the best chance of curing it make sure she reads up on what to eat to help get rid of cancer as well. The diet is just as, if not more important than whatever treatment the doctor gives her.

  14. true true
  15. I actually work in the Rad onc dept at FH orlando. I hope your mother feels comfortable with the care shes getting, its a very big part of maintaining good spirits throughout the battle.

    Last summer I dealt with a 6 year old girl in the last stages of skin cancer, it was remarkable how positive she was even tho she was sick and spent alot of time in the hospital.

    You said she has it again. More often than not when they detect it the second time around theres usually much less cancerous tissue and its easier to deal with than the original bought.

    All the best, try and stay positive

  16. thanks hughes and i will

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