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Eyesight Improvement!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by earphone, May 25, 2009.

  1. Tell me what you think of this:

    So I smoked last night at 1 am, and today I had a check up for my eyes at 11:30 this morning. For the past 3 years my eye sight has been getting worse by a quarter step - I am up to -5.0 in my left eye and -4.75 in my right eye. I was expecting it to get worse again this time, but my eyesight actually went back to -4.50, instead of continuing its trend.

    After the doctor examines my eye and gives me a prescription he likes to use a machine that also gauges the shape of my eye and predicts my prescription. [You rest your chin on a holster, and you are supposed to look at an image of a barnhouse through these binoculars -- and the machine analyzes how your eye focuses]. And so in previous years it verified what my doctor predicted -- and this year it was also consistent with my eye improvement.

    When I smoke I notice how everything's so ridiculously focused and sharp, and its been hurting me for this past year. I've only been smoking for the past year too so I think it's got something to do with it

    What do you think? Is this temporary? MJ related? Or just a massive stroke of luck? I've got 6 months worth of contacts for my improved eye sight lets hope this isn't a fluke :D
  2. I don't know anything about permanent eyesight improvement, but I clearly recall the first time I ever tried marijuana, my vision became significantly clearer and sharper. I could actually see somewhat clearly without my glasses. It lasted for the duration of the high, then went back to normal. This is the first I've heard of (possibly) permanent improvement that may be related to marijuana use. All I can say is that would be pretty damn cool!
  3. Before smoking marijuana my eyesight was -2.0 in both eyes. After a year of smoking they are at -1.25
  4. Wow! This could be a good argument in favor of marijuana once again. I never heard of MJ improving vision, but it's interesting. I hope some studies will be able to prove or find any relation between eye sight and smoking the herb.

    I'm glad your vision is doing better,
  5. Indeed this is interesting.

    As we age, the ability of the lens to accomodate degrades and it becomes harder to focus. I wouldn't be surprised to find that cannabis may increase the ability of the lens to accomodate by relieving pressure, affecting the vitreous humor (possibly), etc.

    The visual system is fascinating and definitely deserves more study, especially when it comes to the combination of the visual system and cannabis :bongin:
  6. Hmmmm, im at -3.75 and for the past year I havent missed a day of toking. I have an appointment in a couple days so ill let you know how it goes
  7. in 6th grade my eyesight degraded to the point where i couldn't see the blackboard from the middle of the class... i got glasses... in 9th grade i first eyesight was about -1.75 in both eyes. In 7 years since it has "remarkably" in my doctors words, only deteriorated to a -2.15 in both eyes. I'm assuming that it was expected that my eyes would be much worse off at this point judging by her reaction. The only excuse i can think of is mj since i don't even eat carrots ha ha.
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    Have any of you asked your doctor possible reasons for your eye sight improvement? Just curious.

    If they don't have any explanations then you should tell them about your marijuana use and see if they know anything about marijuana and eyesight. Maybe your doctors will start noticing a trend in eyesight improvement in cannabis users?

    Interesting posts though. I couldn't find any info about marijuana and eye sight on google.
  9. My prescription is -7.25, -7.00 and i have been smoking for about a year now consistantly. I havent noticed any improvement in clarity but contrast (as in quality of colors) is significantly better following a smoke. Theres something about mary that helps me feel more of all my senses (hearing, touch, taste, sight) except smell. That might be because of the excess muccus and congestion created by smoking blunts on occasion though. :smoking:

  10. yeah my doctor didn't have any ideas what it was. maybe it's other mediciations, possibly. like, i take prescription amphetamines, which i mentioned but he wasn't sure. i personally don't think it's the amphetamines - they make my sense of hearing stronger (and i get hyper tense from it -- so i smoke mj to balance it out), but when the amphetamines are out of your system they're totally out - and i feel a lack of cognitive function like a ton of bricks, but no change in my eyesight.

    my doctor said he'd never seen anything like but he's willing to go along with it :)
  11. As far as I know, visual disorders are usually caused by some malfunction in the eyeball, and there aren't any cannabinoid receptors in there, as far as I know, so it can't really be the cannabinoids working. Maybe something else in the weed, who knows? Or maybe there's a third, yet undiscovered, cannabinoid receptor type in our eyes that takes one of the 38 other cannabinoids..
  12. I would definitely go with there being an undiscovered receptor in or around the eye. There are too many accounts for increased clarity or vividness with cannabis consumption
  13. I could be that when your smokeing the herb it is makeing the muscles in your eyes streatch and contract your lenses essintially giving you a "work out". I don't know why your vision is bad, but maybe it is because the muscles are not working as strongly. Maybe marijuana has helped "build up the muscle" helping with your vision. Also how old are you? Your eyes could still be growing and changing for the better... Either way I hope it keeps up for you!:D

  14. please do! :D
  15. My vision fucking sucks! I've been smoking for about a year, improvement? NOPE!
  16. my whole family wears glasses so i assume it's caused by genetics. and i'll be 20 this year. i think i've got a while until my eyes stop changing.

  17. You've just got to double your efforts, son :D
  18. its funny that no one has mentiond the fact that pupils dialate after smoking

    more light intake = more SHIT

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