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Eyes don't get red?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GatoradeFreak, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Hey im new to the forum, but i have been around here before i registered
    soo i have a question for you guys

    I have smoked about 3 times and each time i smoke i feel the effects of being high
    but my eyes dont seem to get red
    is it that i THINK i get the effects of being high or i'm not doing something right or something
    answer please and thanks

  2. trust me, if you get high your first time you KNOW your high, there wont be any question about it

    but for me when i first started they didnt get red either and your eyes will start getting reaalllyy red after about 10 or so times
    youll be surprised how bad it can get sometimes, so always keep some drops with you
  3. Consider yourself lucky if your eyes don't become bloodshot. One less thing to worry about before going out :)

  4. Alright dude thanks :D
  5. Mine used to get bloodshot but I smoke everyday and haven't had to put any in my eyes in about 3 1/2 months
  6. wait a sec.... your complaining about your eyes NOT going red? i hate having red eye lol
  7. Lol it's just that all my friends eyes turn red but im the only one
    that doesnt get red eyes
    so i was thinking either im lucky or i was doing something wrong :confused:
  8. dont know bout luck or not, but about red eyes a bit. Its not the thc that causes the red eyes, it is another compound, the only way to prevent it, or lessen it is to smoke higher quality weed. because the eyes redden not bythe quality, but by thge quantiy of the amount smoked.
  9. I been smokin 28 years and have never had redeye :confused_2:

    And, believe me when I say I know what I'm get stoned :smoke:
  10. My eye sometimes get red and sometimes they don't. It is really strange, I just wear sunglasses or put in eyedrops anyways.
  11. Want to show me an article, or is this just something a friend of a friend told you?
  12. lol. Some of my friends eyes would get really bad. Mine would always just get real small. They used to say I looked like Bruce Lee, but I was mad white.
  13. Its different from person to person. Mine don't get very red if I smoke outside where I can get plenty of oxygen... and stay hydrated.
  14. yeah when i first started smoking for like a month my eyes didnt get red but then all of a sudden they did =[ and now they get RED!
  15. I find the harder i laugh when i'm stoned, the redder my eyes get. :confused:
  16. correct me if im wrong, but i believe red eyes are a result of when a hit goes straight to your head. giving you a head rush feeling. this head rush feeling is actually increased bloodflow to your head, and red eyes are a result of this increased bloodflow. the red eyes is actually blood.

  17. This is going to sound bad, but i actually read it when i was younger, and dont rem where, hightimes/skunk maybelike 10-12 years ago. So its really old info, I could have read a bunk mag article in.

    So in liue of being able to find the info on that again, i will just take the lumps as being wrong, and issue a Mea Culpa to the peeps at GC
  18. I keep my Visine in the refrigerator. It feels great when it's cold and it spreads out over your eyeballs.:D

  19. Did something change your skin colour? :D

    My eyes never get noticeable to anyone but me. I notice they're a little red, but no one else does. I just get squinty eyes, so I end up looking like Mr. Myagi.
  20. i think it has some thing to do with idica/stivas, since indicas are a hard core body high all the blood vessels in you(including your eyeballs) dialate, making you feel, good.

    but with sativas is mroe foucused in your head, so its not dialating yourr blood vessels so much.

    excuse the spelling and bad grammer

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