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eye Twitch?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Goeffer202, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. So recently the amount of Greenery i have been in-taking into my system has increased dramatically due to a blooming financial situation. Since then my eye has been twitching like some shit. I feel like this is probably from something else, but has anyone else had this problem?:(
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    You got to get rid of your anxiety. With me, it makes my eye low, and twitch. Stop worrying and enjoy your green, bro. I might suggest one xanax if you can get ahold of it. It might open your eyes to how nervous you were because of the bullshit laws on MJ. Make sure you get a lot of sleep. Keep a positive mindset.
  3. Is it a tic or an upper eyelid muscle twitch?
  4. Eye Twitching is associated with an abnormal function of the "basal ganglion" from an unknown cause. The basal ganglion is the part of the brain responsible for controlling the muscles. In rare cases, heredity may play a role in the development of eye twitching. Some believe the eye twitching is a hereditary problem that may run in families. So chances are if you experience the occasional eye twitch someone else in your family will too. Some people find eye twitching a result of nothing more than anxiety.

    Usually it's just stress/anxiety and sometimes lack of sleep. Take a nice hot shower and try some deep breathing techniques. Really helps. :)
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    That depends if it's a tic or a muscle twitch. Each of them require different treatments. Only one of them is permanent and the other can be *kind of* cured until it goes away naturally.
  6. lol, if im real stoned, i get this sometimes, an upper eyelid twitch! dont think its anxiety, and it is funny wen ya try and show someone and they look at ya like your a lunatic!
  7. Caffeine can do it too keep in mind.
  8. I had that problem for like 3 months straight. Its was all related to my anxiety. I took one xanax and it went away.
  9. You sir are retarded. Nor are you a doctor. Your name (and suggestion) speaks volumes.
  10. I know eye twitch can be something they watch for in sobriety tests.. but I dont have an eye twitch.

    That would concern me if it were happening... the problem is .. of course.. if you say to most doctors "my eye twitches when I smoke mj" they will answer " well stop smoking Mj".

    man, thats fucked
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    What an idiot, right? In truth, if he has an upper eyelid twitch, it usually goes away from a few months to a year, but an instant fix is Botox. The original use of Botox, a neurotoxin, was stopping twitches. It works wonders, but there is one problem. Every once in a while you can feel the muscle trying to twitch. It only happens a few times a month and it's usually when you're extremely stressed out. There are only a few injection points in a treatment and they only need to do one eye, but it still hurts like hell. When they give you that ice pack before the shot, keep it on your eye for as long as you can, because it really helps with the pain. Going in there blitzed with some pain killers in your system will also work. :D I suggest the strongest indica you can find. Enough of a super-indica like Bubba Kush and my entire face is numb.

    TBH, that's the better one to have. The other is a tic disorder, which can be treated with medication, but will never go away. You're much better off with a twitch than a tic, because getting Botox and completely recovering after a few months to a year is a lot easier than having a motor tic all your life.
  12. I get the same thing every once in awhile.
    I try to avoid getting smoke in my eyes and just keep smoking.
    I get it once every 4 or 5 months for a few days.
    It is only in my right eye.
    You should also try to get some good sleep take a few sleeping pills at 6:30 get in a dark room with shades. Start reading a book and when you feel sleepy shut off the lights and go to sleep.
    If you still have the twitch after the sleep get some eye drops you might have dry eyes and drink more water it is good for you.
  13. Is yours a twitch or a tic i.e., does it happen naturally or do you get a sensation like you have to do it?
  14. I hate when my eye starts to twitch.

    Kind of embarrassing in public

  15. i do have to say that im a decently nervous person i chalk that up to my occupation but i do not take pills of any form unless it is an absolute necessity.

    For the others the twitch is in my lower left eye only. Im starting to think that it is because of a growing need for glasses. My vision seems to be getting blurry lately as well. i guess this has now left the GC realm. thanks for the help:D:smoking:
  16. Well, in terms of medical explanations, under usual and non-congenital circumstances, the annoying eye twitch would normally be caused by the not so serious factors as follows (Please refer to Curezone forum for more details) : -

    # Stress
    # Tiredness
    # Eyestrain
    # Caffeine
    # Alcohol
    # Dry eyes
    # Nutritional imbalances
    # Allergies

    Next, under such situations, such annoying symptoms would usually come and go within a very short period of time and certainly the conditions would get better and better from time to time especially when certain related treatments are sought and administered to deal with the symptom.

    However, under rare circumstances when the eye twitch symptom just get progressively and chronically and seriously unmitigated from bad to worse as well as seem to last permanently even when all sorts of related treatments are adminstered upon such illness to deal with it, such non-stop eye twitching symptom may then simply just manifest as one of the serious neuromuscular / neurological symptoms of :

    # Tardive Dyskinesia (rapid involuntary uncontrollable eye blinking / eye twitching), which in most cases are caused by the neuromuscular / neurological side effects of certain powerful mind-altering medications and other neurological complications. Whilst the underlying mechanism of such a disease is such that the normal functionings of the neurotransmitters chemical dopamine which co-ordinates the miscellaneous human body movements in this case are disturbed, antagonized and disrupted in this case resulting in one's loss of control of human body movements, and in this case, one's eye / eyelids organ.
  17. Could the Tardive Dyskinesia be caused by Marijuana? I have had eye twitching when sober after smoking pot (atleast that is what I have noticed), it is especially noticeable before bed when I close my eyes to try and sleep and my eye lids will twitch and make it hard to fall asleep. What to do?

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