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eye drops for contacts?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by salaminfred, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. i wear contacts almost all day. remove them only when i get home and sleep.

    my contacts get really dried up after smoking. but i found these eye drops for contacts and it helps moisten them up really good.
    helps a little with the redness but not as good as visene, but you cant just use regular eye drops with contacts on.

    so far these are the best ones ive used. and i can always get them since i work at a grocery store.

  2. cool nice find
  3. Thanks for sharing. Many people have wondered about this.
  4. thanx bro i hate having cotten eyes.
  5. i just use any eye drops with my contacts in.
  6. i don't use eyedrops for my contacts either, but i never knew you couldn't use regular drops with contacts. good find yo
  7. I don't usually take visine as I wear contacts, and I usually can tell when I'm about to breach a red-eyed state, so avoid it if I'm gonna be in sketchy territory. I know some moisture drops come with certain brands of cleaning solution. Me, I have monthly contacts, so if near the end of the month/one "rips", or if I ran out of new ones, i'll blaze hard in the shower or something, and blame it on the contacts (this gives you a few days of ruthless blazing if you go w/ it :))
  8. Yo I wear contacts, just use drops like visine and clear eyes in moderation, they work fine for me.

    Rhodos however can irritate the shit outa your eyes if your wear contacts.
  9. I wear contacts and am addicted(not really, haha) to Rhoto V, doesnt mess with my contacts at all...
  10. I'll use the Green Rhoto v drops when I have contacts on.

  11. LOL A new term- cotton eyes. Haha good one.

    I use opti-free express.

    For dry eyes with contacts, you want to buy anything labelled as moisturizing (but for contacts) or rewetting drops (rewets are only for contacts).

    When I'm playing video games and smoking, I HAVE to take my lenses out, otherwise I blink and see blurry so much that I dont do well in the game!

    OP, i'm going to try those drops, so long as they're not very much more expensive than the ones I usually buy.
  12. Usually when i shop for eyedrops i just go to the store and see which have the most redness remover and get. them but i don't know how you guys can put in Rhotos.. it was a total buzz kill for me. no one warned me prior. fun to laugh at now, but not so much back then:eek:
  13. clear eyes makes some eye drops called contact lens relief. they really help moisten up my contacts again, and even do a decent job of getting rid of the redness. i use them all the time, they are like a brother to me.
  14. right on

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