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Eye Drop Types

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SalSilva, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, ive been smoking for about three years now and my parents hate it therefore i need to prevent them from knowing I'm stoned. I can pull off the talking easily but its my eyes that are the dead give away, they get red and squinty even when I only smoke a little bit. obviously eye drops are the solution but what brand/type do you find the most effective. I have been a sworn believer of Rohtos but lately they seem to not be doing the trick. Any suggestions?
  2. Use mind powers to convince your parents you aren't really high.

    Tell them you got high so much that being sober is more interesting

    See how they react.
  3. Clear Eyes Redness Relief, they clear your eyes within seconds it seems like.

    I swear they made em for stoners.

  4. This. Best ones ever. :D
  5. Clear eyes have never let me down... Visine makes my eyes blurry for a solid 15 minutes... like badly blurry. Can't read anything no matter how close or far it is... Rhotos just burn for no reason... I've tried them all and they all burn my eyes.
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    If you want a good bottle of eyedrops and don't care how much it costs, get Rohtos Arctics. They feel so amazing after cooling down your eyes. If you have a budget then Clear Eyes always have good reviews.

    double budget = in.NextDouble();
    String eyedrops = "";
    if (budget > 4)
    eyedrops = "Rohtos Arctics";

    eyedrops = "Clear Eyes";
    return eyedrops;

    Ah, the wonders of programming pop up in a lot of everyday life :smoke:
  7. I've always used Clear Eyes Redness Relief, works wonders. Sometimes you would catch me with a bottle of Visene though.

  8. Visine works good too, I've used those :smoke:
  9. Get clear eyes maximum relief they work better than rohots, trust me i know whats good cuz iv got both lol

  10. Welcome to the city :smoke: Hope it's fun and educational :D

  11. Well thank you yoshi for the greeting
  12. Rhotos are the only way to go. I would suggest the greens they are the least intense. If you like that move up to the blue or even the silvers.

  13. You are welcome :hello:
  14. Thanks for all the feedback guys. Ive been using the blue rohtos for about a year but looks like im going to be picking up some clear eyes

  15. Seconded. Rhotos Arctic are the shit. Followed by clear eyes lol

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