Eye Drop Accuracy

Discussion in 'General' started by Balance, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. so i was putting on some eyedrops earlier today, and i thought... i wonder whats the percentage for eye drops made into my eyes against those that miss? i know theres no way to know (unless we start writing down how many we make/miss.. lol) but if i were to give a rought estimate, i would say 78% :smoke:
    any other personal guesses?
  2. i can do it perfectly. used to be getting that stuff all over the place but i've perfected it.
  3. I'm scared of stuff in my eyes.

    I shoot below 40%.
  4. yup i used to suck about 2 years ago when i started, now it's first try both eyes all the time.
  5. just drop em in the corner of your eye next to your nose and tilt your head and you get 100% accuracy =)
  6. I hate that feeling, I prefer just saying ive got bad allergies.
  7. i dont even let the liquid drop out. i just spray it. a bunch gets in my eyes, a bunch gets on my face.

    ^that's what she said.
  8. 100% to the eyes, but then again i can touch my eyeball, look just did without blinking and shrinking away. i just put them in dead center of the eye and let the cooling rhoto wash away the red
  9. So doesn't like it when it goes in her eyes so I would say i get about 80% in her mouth.
  10. 100% For me, unless i'm blitzed as fuck.

    Then it's a 0% cause i'm too high to find the eyedrops.
  11. honestly i prob like 95% sometimes i get both eyes with one squeeze of the bottle. i can drop it driving, in public places, even whilst being pulled over once, hah im blazzedd:p
  12. 100% all day baby..even while driving or walking

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