Eye Can See You!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by stonie jo, May 8, 2002.

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  1. .......wink, wink........

    Whatcha doin\' there??? HEY_I SAW THAT!!!

  2. now i\'m just straight up paranoid
  3. Now i feel like i\'ve been caught red handed!!!!LMAO
  4. man, I HOPE you can\'t see me right now!!! LOL
  5. yeah no kidding that\'s the last freakin time i come here after taking a shower but BEFORE putting clothes on :p
    no towel peepin\' for you!

    i do like the eye though :D
  6. I\'m sittin\' here loadin\' bongs, throwin\' the seeds at the ol\' man...................he\'s watchin\' Andy Griffith. I\'m tryin\' to get him to hit the binger again but he says he\'s already 50 hits.........he\'s wantin\' to know if there\'s any (choc) doughnuts left. LOL!!!!!!

    What was I gonna say...............................

    Oh yea the eye thing...........when I got that in my E mail it would blink. At least I got the damn thing the right size and shit!!

    Watch for future changes!!
  7. I can\'t actually see anyone...but, I love that eye thing Stony Jo.

  8. Stony Jo you make me laugh you fuckin stoner ;)

  9. How come you\'re not red-eyed?
  10. I\'l just have to see if I can fix that!!!!!!!!!

    I made it blue (it was brown) and tried to put a little eyeliner on it. HHHMMMMM..............yes it must also be red!!
  11. Did you use any eyedrops before you put your \"eye\" online?
  12. Hah! I see your eye\'s red now. lol

    I wonder why it won\'t blink! Did you make the changes you wanted to all of the frames of the animation?

    Some gif editors only edit the first frame.. the rest are lost.

    If you can find a good enough animation editor you will be able to edit all of the frames (albeit 1 by 1) and it should work.
  13. Stony Jo? What happened to your eye?

  14. It\'s-it\'s...........gone fishin\'!!!!!!
  15. Found the perfect quote for my sig........
  16. lol i love your sig! what happened to the eye?
    i don\'t see it anymore.. i\'m trying to find a new avatar but can\'t figure out how to resize it so you\'ll be peepin\' hobbes for a little longer :D

    i have no idea how to edit animated gifs, so you\'re way above me on that one! can\'t wait to see the finished red eye :)-~
  17. Hey,what,where are you? ok never mind...........aahhhhhhhhh!
  18. [​IMG] hey l,am stoned and drunk whats your excuse ??????????,lol[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  19. .............what. Aaahh, yes the eye. I had a picture of Brak, from Spaceghost, that I tried to make my av. When I got it shrunk to the right size it was still too many pixels. Damned if I do and damned if I do!! LOL!!

    Now, everybody\'s gone - time to wake and bake!!
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