Extremes of emotions!

Discussion in 'General' started by Canabudz, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. jesus fuck how can a day be so awesome then suck so much, i've never experienced both so quickly. this is what happened. My rents are gone for a week so me and a friend took my car to the states to go shopping, because you guys have bigger malls than us. Mini road trip! woo. haha anyways come back with like 160$ worth of bomb ass clothes (including a 'The Office' shirt, mr bungle shirt, and pink floyds AHM shirt). We stop at meijers and buy some new cinnamon bun cereal because once again you guys have better cereal than us. (last week when i saw Zappa Plays Zappa i got apple jacks, cookie crisp, PB captain crunch, eggo cereal, frosted cherios and fruity pebbles. we dont have any of these).

    so all is good, we go back through customs and tell them we bought roughly ~200$ worth of clothes and they don't even wave us in for duties. saves me 30-40 american bones. great. we go to one of our favourite restaurants called Basil court, its thai food, and try 2 awesome new things. great, good grand so far. Go home, part ways. meet up again at my house and another friend shows up. she scored some dank ass bud for free so i got her to sell me 7.4g's for 45$ hehe. and its the fucking whip, its 1 big bud, most crystal i've ever seen. get high as hell, listen to zappa. go pick up some mushrooms, great. come back home, chill for a second with 2 new friends, have a sesh. half way through about 30 minutes ago i get up to look in my backyard, i don't know why.

    and bam my bike is gone, my 500$ (like 1500$ put into it, but..) bmx bike is fucking stolen. i just started riding again because my friend got a new bike because HIS bike got stolen. and now its fucking gone. fuck. fit frame 200$, primo hula hoop rim(wheel set was 200$) alone. now i have to save like 700$ for a new one. oh well. i feel better now.
  2. That seriously sucks big time man. If there is one thing in this world I hate it is when people steal your shit. I would keep an eye out for it though, just in case. Tell your friends to keep an eye out as well. Its better than not doing anything. Damn dude sorry man.
  3. yo i remember some punk stealing my bike when playing ball i didn't keep an eye out... about a month later i catch his fat ass trying to escape but i cought him... and pulverized him, btw he was a fakethug wannabe gangster so i had to give it to him hard.. i bet you'll see it around if not thats really gay.. but keep an eye out GL
  4. A bike that expensive ought to be identifiable. Report it to the police.

    A thought comes to mind... If you friends bike had just got stolen, mightn't you think there were bike thieves around?
  5. my friends bike got stolen a year ago, so i stopped riding because i had no one to ride with. he just recently got a new bike and i started again too, thats what i meant.

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