EXTREMELY Graphic Photos of Casualties in Bin Laden Raid

Discussion in 'Politics' started by babaloeey, May 4, 2011.

  1. It's like something out of a Tarantino movie.
  2. Nothin but headshots.

  3. That's how we roll :cool:
  4. lol one of them has a squirt gun. stupid terrorist.
  5. The message of these pictures is going out loud and clear: Fuck with the American people and this will be your future.
  6. what's the deal with the plastic water guns?

  7. Actually .... the message terrorists get is ....

    " fuck with us and we will spend ten years and trillions of dollars to kill you for symbolic reasons"

    How come these pictures are not to graphic for them to release ... but Osamas is?

  8. I guess we are fighting against the waste of precious water rather than oil at this point

  9. And send ourselves into bankruptcy, just to make you look like this ;)

    And Pakistani officials released these photos when they entered the compound after we cleared out. We took Osama's body with us, or they'd release a picture of him too. I think some pictures may have been sold to Reuters by an anonymous official, though.
  10. was thinking the same thing :confused:

    i'm picturing all the al queda dudes frolicking around having a super soaker fight..

    then the SEAL's come in..
  11. so they show us a few pictures of some dead arabs and that supposed to be proof we killed osama? i still dont believe it.
  12. those weren't gov't released photos..

    they were purchased by reuters
  13. Finally we can have peace! oh wait...
  14. one thing i find odd about those photos is while there is a lot of blood, i dont see much brain matter.....but this might be because of small arms fire? I guess i assumed they would use their rifles.
  15. either way, these pictures could have been taken anywhere.
  16. It's funny how much of a cheerleader you've become over the past few days. I've held back from saying anything to you over the past few days, because I know how much an anti-muslim bigot you are, but you're really crossing the line here. We are not innocent. The American people have been implicit in the crimes committed on the muslim world, on behalf of our Government. You're so blind in your hatred that you think we sat idly by as 9/11 happened. Poor old America was just sitting there, twiddling their thumbs, and those big bad Muslims came along and rained on our parade! FOR NO REASON!

    Your type of propaganda is the most dangerous. Decades of meddling in the Middle East--installing pro-US puppet dictators, assassinating democratically elected leaders, supporting Israel and giving them nuclear technology, etc. There's plenty of reasons why Muslims hate us, and it has nothing to do with the fact that we wear blue jeans and don't force our women in religious garb. Propagandists such as yourself would have people believe that we're somehow justified in killing these funny looking brown people, and we shouldn't even think twice about it. AMERICA, FUCK YEA! People like you are dangerous, because you do the bidding of the warmongers that run our country, and who are directly responsible for terrorist acts that kill our innocent civilians.

    I realize you will recoil and try and deflect what I'm saying, but I don't care what your response is, because it needs to be said. You can dance in the streets, believe whatever you want to believe, but people who think like you are dangerous. I fear more for my future because of people like you, who will readily throw themselves at the fight to inflate anti-Americanism around the world, than I do some person 3,000 miles away who believes different things than I do, and who, if we had left them alone in the first place, wouldn't care if I existed, or not. Because of people like you, that man, 3,000 miles away, hates me for something my Government did, and you supported with open arms. You can have your parade, but for the sake of my future, and the future of everyone else in America, I think you should take a few moments to reflect, instead of wrapping yourself up in layers of self-delusion. If you *truly* care about feeling safe, you owe yourself, and everyone around you, a real hard look into why they hate us, and why they want to kill us. It's not a very big price to pay for a potentially huge cost in the future.

  17. Shit just got real.
  18. inorite, magically Osama dies right before Obama runs for a second term.. and we also have no footage or images of a dead bin laden anyways..

    the whole thing is f**king stupid

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