Extreme Q vaporizer smell?

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  1. Does it smell bad or like weed and if so how strong is it? will it get me caught in my dorm?? Thanks
  2. i just bought one in the beginning of summer because i too am going to college! I can tell you that it honestly doesn't smell. I usually blow it out my window directly so i have no chance of making a noticeable smell in my room. It works every time. Even if you don't blow it out the window, any sort of smell would dissipate in a short amount of time. When i was at orientation in june, my friend and i were using a vapor genie and one of the counselors knocked on our door right after we finished vaping a bowl. we were in the middle of packing another when he knocked. We opened the door and he walked in and didnt even notice a thing!
  3. Thats awesome dude, and would you say the bag would smell less than using the whip? We will be using a smoke buddy as well.
  4. Using a smoke buddy with a vape is overkill to me. Vapor smells like burnt popcorn. If you open a window and blow it in that general direction. Your room won't smell like anything.
  5. overkill is great man, i can't afford to get caught.
  6. There is still quite a smell especially with dank, dank weed, keep er well ventilated, way stealthier than smoking tho.
  7. The unit itself won't smell during use. What you exhale will definitely have the burning popcorn smell which could possibly get someone's attention. Having a smoke buddy in conjunction with the whip or bag will probably keep you under the radar. Comparing the whip or bag, I don't think that one would necessarily work better than the other. Just obviously keep the fan off when you don't need it and cork the hole on the bag well between hits.

  8. wrong, the unit does provide a smell in use, any vaporizer is going to smell, but because it's vapor it dissipates faster and prolly doesn't cling to fabrics etc as easily
  9. Okay, maybe I was a bit hasty in saying that it wouldn't smell at all. I just don't think I ever noticed that it did after blowing out a few bag hits. A few sprays of air freshener would probably mask it pretty well.

  10. sorry i just hate when people say vapes do not smell, they do, they just dilutes in the air easier. People would say the mflb doesn't smell at all, but thats just bullshit, you must be vaping scwhag.
  11. With dank the extreme q (any vape for that matter) has a pretty pronounced odor in my experience, try to keep your stash jar closed and blow out a window
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    I totally get what your saying. I just haven't had to worry about the smell so I didn't really notice if it was there. The smell of the bud alone would probably be the biggest giveaway.
  13. in summary

    dank bud smells

    vaporizers heat bud

    when u heat stuff, generally, it smells stronger

    therefore, yes, there is some smell when using any vape. eg extreme q

    compared to smoke, vaped/exhaled byproducts smell only a tiny bit and do not linger nearly as much

    still, can't hurt to take some odor precautions if getting caught it not an option.

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