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Extreme Q not what expected

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tokah, May 26, 2010.

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    I purchased the Extreme Q, and don't get me wrong it can get you slightly high. Thing is, it's more of a light head high, and it's much different than a rip from a bong or pipe.
    Is this normal?

    I have tried using it on all the listed temps (180c-230c) and still get the same thing (higher levels produce some smoke).

    Just wondering if the high is normal or not?
    How can I improve it?

    PS: Been using balloons.
  2. hopefully it just didn't hit the OP that fast and he kept vaping more, hopefully he is up in the clouds right now. that would make my dick SOOOOOOOOOOO happy.
  3. What are you talking about bro?
  4. Ya...I bought a Vapor Brothers a few months back and experienced the exact high you describe. Vape high is different than combustion and don't use my vape anymore. Nothing wrong with switchin it up. I bring it out for guests or if I need a functional high. Very dissapointing overall..
  5. Shit dude I'm glad I'm not the only one.
    I was going to send the vape back but I don't think they'll take it with res in it :p(I used a pipe to burn weed as a makeshift piece)..
    I much prefer my buddies glass bong, or even a piece to get high.

    I do as you said though and just bring it out for friends to put weed in.
    The nice thing is that you can get a buzz, then take the packed weed from the bowl of the vape and just rip on it and get really high still.
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    Some people prefer that high as it's cleaner and more functional. I like the sedating qualities of smoke using my trusty bong and prefer glass in general. Nothing like getting your legs chopped in half with smoking compared to a mild head high from a Vape..
  7. Exactly.
    I could imagine if you were doing a vape first and hadn't felt a bong high.. but to me it's not good.
  8. Really?
    Fuck I was planning on buying one tomorrow.. FUCK!
  9. Dont be discouranged... new vape users very rarely smoke it right... took me a few tries to get the hang of it but when I did the high was very similar to smoking.
  10. OP try using the whip then report back.
  11. you must not be doing it right. i've got a vaporbrothers knock off and the vape gets me way more ripped off of the same amount of pot as i might smoke in a bong bowl. give it a couple more tries and keep in mind that it takes longer to smoke a vape bowl than a bong bowl
  12. What temp do you guys recommend it on? Fan speed?
  13. I don't know why people like the feel of toxins in their body.
  14. There are many ways to use the Q and it takes some getting used to.

    I own the Q and V.

    Start out at 190c thats when thc vaporizes, and make your way up to 220c to combust most of the CBN. bump it up it up 5c or 10c after each bag.

    are you pre heating right? the cyclone bowl needs to be warm for it to work properly and it only Takes 2-3 mins. turn on the vape set it to 190c when it reads 190c put the cyclone bowl with your attachment on the vape and turn to fan 1 and let it heat for 2 more mins *make sure there is no herb in the bowl* once its warm just add the herb.

  15. I've heard of preheating for longer. This definitely sounds like your problem though OP. Preheating is crucial from what my friends with V-Towers have said. They pack their bowl and let it sit for like 20 mins before moving on. Try that and I think you'll get better results :cool:
  16. Me and my friends usually use 225 at around F1 or F2 fan speed for bags. The high is not nearly as nice as a lung crushing, eye closing, instant red eye bong hit but it's pleasant. :smoke:
  17. Steve (owner of Arizer) sets his at 335. Give it a try. Report back :smoking:
  18. 335c would be insanely hot.
    - Anyways, I have been preheating it.

    I'm not saying it's a bad high, you still feel it, but it's just not the rip high you get from a bong, which I suppose is what it's meant for, no?
  19. i have owned an extreme vape for a little over a year now, and i love it. gets me just as baked as a bong, and i still get those nasty thick hits that make you cough up a lung. i set mine at around 420-440 F.
    preheating the bowl is important, but the best way i have found to hit it is using the whip. exhale as much as you can and take a slow, long rip and hold it in. i usually save the fan for the end when it starts to cash.
  20. For real bro? It's pretty simple...

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