extreme drooping?

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  1. with my seedling about 2 and a half weeks old the leaves on the first and only node (i think thats whhat it is) were fine 3 hours ago i checked my plants just now and they started getting really droopy if it helps they were in the dark wile this happend i brought them in because it is dark and i would rather them be warm and no light then cold and no light you know what i mean? i just want to know why they are drooping and what i can do to fix it- btw im sorry for the bad grammer in advance thanks
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    hey it doesnt sound to bad, sometimes they just do that, it also can be from overwatering(or well any number of things), but really its impossible to say without a pic
  3. i will try to get a pic up soon as i figure out how to get it from my cell to my computer and i know its not from over watering because i only watered it once today
  4. do you water daily? as typically thats way too much, are you letting the soil dry out a good amount between waterings?
  5. yeah i water it daily but not a lot of water at a time since its only in a small cup w/o drainage so i do not need to use a lot of water at a time i would say around 2 tablespoons worth of water
  6. pics will be up in 5
  7. im sure you prob know thry need their own pots or they will kill them selfs off, or atleast 1 will kill off the weaker 1, plus u get many issues like roots entangled etc & they fight for food/light/root space & so on

    anyway, my adviced is you need to repot into another pot that has drainage holes in the bottom ASAP, then give them a good soaking so that some water runs out the drainages holes, then dont water untill the soil has dryed out a good amount, dont be worrie if the soil on top gets dry & shit, also what soil are you using? what water(tap etc?) & you fed any nutes etc yet? to be honest they look like their going the way of my mates plants & that was just simply from him keeping the soil damp & not letting it dry out
  8. ok thanks what would be the easiest way of putting them into seperate pots without harming them ive been scared to transplant them i know i had to do it sometime soon i have just been putting it off and the soil is just a 50/50 mix of regular dirt and whatever soil flowers from a nursery come in and no i have not used any nutes yet but i plan on using miracle grow
  9. and i have been using poland spring bottled water (trying to keep it clean as possible)
  10. ok i think the soil isnt helping, also dont go for MG soil if you can help it, im not saying get a more pricy 1, quite the oppisite, for your new soil dont use any 'dirt' from outdoors or any unknown source, all you need to a nice cheap plain soil, with NOTHING added this way you control the nute etc & how much they get (just do a search on here & find out just how nasty MG soil is to out lovely MJ plants lol)

    as for seperating them i've never had to do this & i dont want to give bad advice lol, but i think the sooner its done the better like you mentioned, i think the best way would be to just gently get them out the pot, tap at the soil to loosen & knock off soil, & then i think just use common sense lol, in that id just do my best to seperate them without breaking any roots (yea i know easyier said than done!) soz thats prob not all that helpful for getting them apart dude

    ps that water is ok i would think, i only use tap myself with no problems ever
  11. ok thanks for the help and il look around for tips on transplanting these i am gonna stop putting it off first thing tomorrow they will be separated
  12. good shit dude if you check out the beginner section theres a sticky in there for transplanting (although i dont think it covers seperating 2 plants lol)

    let me know how it goes dude, good or bad(hopefully good!)
  13. ok thanks il keep you posted

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