Extrasensory Perception Test

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by weedboss, May 2, 2003.

  1. wow thats pretty scary! i wonder how they think of that, they must be very bored!!
  2. 72!????

    nope... 88!


    hurrah for non conformity! :D
  3. yeh it got it wrong a few times with me 2 but it usually gets it tho.
  4. 37?

    nope .. 87.

    i dont think its ever going to get this right.
  5. ok ok... i take it back.... it worked. EEK!

    freeky! i thought of 0 and it came out with 70.

    how did it do that shit!?
  6. By the time I reached the end I forgot my original number. Damn.
  7. oh cripes.... its managing it every time now....

    how the heck!?

    is there a sentience within the computer that can traverse the internet and has extrasensory abilities (psychic)!??

    i cannot see how from me just clicking ok after doing some maths (even tried tricking it by delaying my clicks) it can "second guess" my answer without getting any other feed back from me.
  8. haha! im back to managing to trick it again. :D phew. paranoya gone ;)
  9. Hey, go to the home webpage on that site, and do that acid one... That was alot like acid or shrooms..wow
  10. I could suck all of the fun out of this for you guys but I won't! ;)
  11. I prolly could too if today wasn't an all day smoking marathon to celebrate no class.

  12. PLEASE DO!

    i like fun sucking. ;)
  13. Hmmm...I could say so much! ;)

    Check your privates, Digit....you know, for the fun sucking!
  14. :p careful rumjil... people will start to talk. ;)
  15. Uh...aren't they already????

    :::::waiting for paranoia to hit Digit in the head:::::

  16. ...





    they are?






    they might be listening to this
  17. LMFAO Jokers!![​IMG]
  18. It's about mathematics......

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