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Extracting thc into a powder form?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Vexus, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. Is it possible to extract/cook the thc into a powder form like you would say into peanutbutter fat like in a firecracker.

    If you were to snort extracted fine thc powder would you feel any effects? I know after you cook weed properly and eat it you get high.. can anyone shine more light on this?

    I know it sounds pretty stupid but I just couldn't help but think if you could snort a thc compound. :p
  2. Im thinking that the only way to extract the thc is to heat it up to a certain degree. so Im pretty sure snorting it would not get you high at all and probably sting I would imagine. I mean isnt it bad to snort things that arent made for snorting?
  3. i really dont think anything is made for snorting unless its cocaine. thc might sting in the nose, why dont you just smoke it or cook with it. sniffing it seems a little extreme.
  4. AFAIK, THC needs to be bound to lipids/alcohol for our body to absorb it in any form other than smoking.
  5. Yeah kif? thats what you are talking about... The crystals, of weed, its called kif (sounds like Keef) My friends snorted it and they said they were really high and every once and a while they would feel a sting in a certain part of their nose... but try it, buy a kif screen and break up some good shit!! SNORT THAT SHIT YOOO
  6. wow..
  7. First off I cant believe there are people stupid enough to snort thc. since when is snorting fun anyways? In my opinion smoking is way to fun and I get high. oh and either a. your friends lied about being high. b.there mind was playing tricks with them because subconsiously they thought they should be high. c. you made that up about your friends
  8. No I wasn't talking about snorting plain KIEF.. I was wondering if you could find some thing that thc absorbs into that could be made into powder.. and could be snorted.

    Imagine making a thc snorting compound? Coke addicts could break the habit..just playn.:hello:
  9. if you don't mind me asking, why would you snort thc if you could just smoke it?

    If it's the smell you're trying to avoid, just cook it.
  10. I would imagine it would feel different and induce a different high possibly or level of high. Also my lounges are pretty bad and some times I don't feel like eating baked goods. :p
  11. Its not possible..
  12. when you eat THC it passes through your liver and becomes delta 11 thc which is five times as psychoactive as delta9 which is why the high is different when you eat them, so snorting it won't do shit.
  13. I heard it's different because when you injest it your body digests some of the cannaboids (sp?) that get destroyed when you smoke it. I don't think that food goes through your liver..
  14. Any idea if it has any negative effects on your liver because I've been having pains and my doctor told me to change my life style.. I thought it was caused by drinking thought.
  15. Listen, this sounds crazy but i gurantee that it works...its a process similar to making espresso..
    ok, so get at LEAST an ounce of herb. then boil about 10 oz's of water and then get like a strainer or something that will allow the liqud to drain as you compress the soaked herb.
    Now listen up, @ this point the steam from the boiling water & the herb will get u kinda high, so stay focused. COMPRESS the herb as hard as you can & let the liquid drain into a container, save the liquid, freeze it. Take the compressed/wet herb & begin to grind, chop, and break it down into very fine particles until it is almost like a powdery spinnach. It will still be wet so let it dry nauterally, the best method is leaving it in a clay pot in full sun. Alot of THC is in the liquid but there is potency still in the herb, if u compressed correctly the liquid will be very THC concentrated, boil the liquid until warm, then pour over the powdery spinnach herb that u let dry...continue to crush and chop or watever u have to do until it is in pure powder form(the water should be poured into the clay pot, it will be very concentrated so make sure it mixes well and isn't to liquid) then stir. Let it dry again but make sure it isn't blown away by wind since it should be very fine powder, green powder. Snort, enjoy..instant high, no smoke, safer than dope, better than coke:)
  16. real seasoned toker here
  17. hi am insights and i like your question though i might not have effecient answer for you i thought of a process where maybe you could turn thc in such form.

    take your thc and place into a home rigged vaporisor in where it will burn the thc into a vapor have a deposite chamber and steady flow of air current and let the thc build to mass.(my guess, lots of weed) take the deposit chamber and let the liguid of the thc evaporate out leaving the organic thc. take that mass, metate into powder and voila, thc powder. practicly identic to chron but less pathogens or none at all. all hyperthetical. im in chemisrty class. little ideals like that make me wonder if it works, but knowing my ass i dont have the suffecient funds to do such experiments. if you do try it out lol.

    and hit ,me up at [email protected]:smoking:

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