External hdd formatting problem

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  1. Hey chaps,

    Accidently canceled the format on my WD 120gb hdd, when I've gone back to it it's given me a popup saying I need to format it before use, but when I click okay it tells me it cannot format, as it believes it is read only.

    WTF do I do? :confused:
  2. Probably going to have to go into your disk management program and remove the partition that wasn't done formatting and start over by building a new partition on the drive, then formatting it for whatever you want (assuming NTFS)

    The disk management program is located in different areas depending on what OS you're running, but it should be fairly simple to find.

    Just be CAREFUL when you're deleting partitions and make sure you have the right drive. Don't want to go blowing away the wrong data.
  3. Hey,

    Says the partition L simple vol is currently in use, and asks if I want to force the deletion. I click yes but gives me an error:

    The maximum number of secrets that may be stored in a single system has been exceeded.

  4. Hrm, can't say I've heard of that error before, but you might want to try Googling it for an answer.

    You may need to boot your system from an external CD in order to format it right. Again, ENSURE you're formatting the right drive.

    The Ultimate Boot CD is always a useful tool to have around, and has plenty of low-level formatting utilities. Download the ISO image and burn to CD:

    Ultimate Boot CD - Overview

    EDIT: you may also want to try rebooting your system and boot into safe mode (keep hitting F8 when you reboot to get to the menu to get into safe mode) to format the drive.
  5. running windows vista/7? sounds like you've run out of logical space for windows encryption (not on the HD you're trying to format)

    basically every time you do something to your computer when you add devices/any sort of licensed software, or anything that is using DRM (digital rights management) IE: downloading songs on itunes...each file/device is logged in windows and it only has 4096 spaces available, so when you hit 4097 thats the message that pops up

    unfortunently...Im still on XP..and have yet to touch 7 or vista really..sorry I cant help further...but thats what that message is...nothing is wrong with your external drive...just windows ran out of locks
  6. Got it sorted, it let me format it in safemode. But then for some reason the PC started playing funny buggers with me and gave me a black screen before the login. Back to safemode, took the password off my profile and it logs through it automatically now.

    Phew. Lot of effort just to back up my shit. Thanks tho' chaps!

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