extended veg how big will the plants get in flower??

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    I did a 3 month veg and TBH I don't know what the recommended veg time is, but I heard the plants could double or even triple in size during flower. Well my plants are like 4 feet tall in a 8 foot grow tent with a 400 watt metal hallide, what should I do?

    strains is from some of the dankest kush I was smoking on day had seeds in it so I planted them and they are female..
  2. well you're gonna for sure run out of room in that tent. Why did ya veg em so long with that little setup man?
  3. I cloned the fuck out of them for an outdoor session , wasn't even supposed to flower but I want some dank personal to hold me off fora bit.. any ideas anyone fuck I didnt think that they would grow so much during flower stupid me eh
  4. if it helps its only 2 plants in a 5x5x8 tent maybe I should tie them down?
  5. yeah tie em down and see how that goes. just keep em from burning by the light.
  6. Normally you shouldn't trim a plant down before flowering, but if you don't want a constant struggle with height during flowering, consider cutting them down to like 2.5 feet, give them a week to recover, and then flower them.
  7. well its really is a ridiculously big plant. The yield will be huge! I am sure of it,. I am a couple days into flowering and I am already seeing hairs. I tied it down quite a bit, so hopefully that works. I will upload some pics soon, the 1 plant takes up the whole 5x5 tent, gunna be some sick buds. 100percent sativa strain.

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