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Discussion in 'General' started by stona808, May 1, 2006.

  1. i just took half of a double stacked white butterfly extasy about an hour ago, and i dont feel anything, should i take the other half or wait?
  2. im no expert and i dont know how much you have to take to overdose... but isnt it because most people dont feel the effects rite away that they take another and overdose....plz correct me if im wrong tho..
  3. its very hard to overdose on mdma, people that die from rolling die from heat stroke. Next time just take the whole pill at the beginning

  4. so take the other half or save it, my reasoning for only taking half was i wanted to just do one hit my first time. but if you think i should take the other one than i will. the guy said that its cut with all kids of shit
    and im making sure i drink my water to
  5. Ecstasy is good just dont over do it, and by that I mean your fine with 1/2 a roll in fact id take 1 or 2 full ones...

    btw perfekt what happened to that candy flip report?
  6. how long should this shit take to kick in? and what should i be expecting to feel, im still undecided on weather to take the other hit or not
  7. Double stack is usually bullshit. You should have took the whole thing, because your not going to feel too much.
  8. so take the other half, the guy we got it from said it will last 5 or six hours, so i dont think it would be a waiste to take the other one now, i dont feel shit except maybe a small buzz, its hard to tell tho. what should i expect to feel
  9. google.com or erowid.com you should have done more research on the drug b4 u took it dude.
  10. i usually do research, but this is the first thing i took that is synthetic, and doesnt have a dose or nothin, its a double stacked white butterfly, anyone took one before?
  11. it takes a while. dont just sit around. go do something and you'll notice it
  12. i took the other one around 45 minutes ago, and i went and did a few things i had to go get done, and i can definitally feel somthing, but i guess that is the first one kicking in, and now i just have to wait for the second one, its a really strong buzz, it actually just feels like adderal, if this is all that happens, that is some damn expenive adderall
  13. The candyflip report will come sometime soon, considering how ridiculously sick i am and how much fucking work i have to do i doubt it will be too soon

  14. The first time I rolled it took 2+ hours to kick in.

  15. If it gives you nothing more than an adderall high then they were probably shit pills. But its been a while since your post, we need an update.
  16. lol i take it it worked
  17. sorry i didnt post for a while, i was doing some shit. but i really didnt feel anything different fromt the time i popped 80 mg of adderall, besides the fact that it didnt last for like 12 hours, and im ganna be able to sleep tonight, i feel a little sick on my stomache now, but thats about it.

  18. Ok my guess is your pills had more of some random filler than they did mdma, and on a side note 80mil of adderall is a shitload, you musta been cracky :smoking:
  19. yea, we will see what happend with those pills when my friend pops his, we got them for 20 a pill, we thought we were getting trip stacks, but they ended up being dubs, im real dissapointed about not rolling, i want to soo bad. yea, popping that much adderall is not a good idea, i felt effects for over 24 hours, i layed in bed for a whole night, and didnt sleep at all. i got so freaked out at like 5 am, because i thought i forgot how to sleep. i havent touched adderall sence.

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